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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 3

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IPSCIO Record ID: 1860

License Grant
A Japanese Company grants an exclusive license, without right to sublicense, to practice the Licensed Technology (thermal transfer printing ribbons) to manufacture, have manufactured, use, sell and distribute the Products, including within the countries of Canada, the United States of America, and Mexico, including, without limitation, their territories, possessions and protectorates (hereinafter called the Territory).  (b) Non-Exclusive License.  Fuji hereby grants a non-exclusive license, without right to sublicense, to practice the Licensed Technology to use, sell and distribute the Products, anywhere in the world other than the countries within Europe and Asia.
License Property
Product- thermal transfer media for use with these thermal non-impact printers namely (1) thermal carbon copy, which permits simultaneous printing of an original on standard thermal paper and plain paper carbon copy; (2) thermal carbon paper and thermal ribbon which are paper or film substrates coated with a thermally transferable layer which permits thermal printing of images onto plain paper; and (3) thermal color paper and thermal color ribbon, composed of a paper or film substrate with a thermally transferable layer of color ink coating or coatings to produce images in multiple colors, either by use of a single multi-color paper or ribbon or multiple mono-color papers or ribbons, which can be used in thermal printing of multi-color images on plain paper; ribbons involve a chemical process whereby ink melts off of a ribbon onto paper.

List of Products Thermal Carbon Copy (TCC); Thermal Carbon Paper (TCP); Thermal Ribbon (TCR) & Thermal Color Paper and Ribbon.  List of Patents and Patent Applications 4,572,684; 4,503,095; 4,588,315; 4,463,034; 4,581,283; 4,315,643; etc.

Field of Use
The rights granted apply to thermal non-impact printers.

IPSCIO Record ID: 29156

License Grant
Japanese Licensor hereby grants and agrees to grant to Brazilian Licensee a non-assignable license to use the Current Technology and the New Technology, and any Improvements thereto that may be required to be licensed, to (i) be the exclusive manufacturer of Licensed Thermal Paper Products in the Exclusive Territory, (ii) be the exclusive seller or distributor of Licensed Thermal Paper Products in the Exclusive Territory and (iii) to be a non-exclusive seller or distributor of Licensed Thermal Paper Products in the Non-Exclusive Territory, in each case until the end of the Term or, with respect to Thermal Paper Products manufactured using New Technology having a New Technology Transfer Date of October 4, 2009 or later.
License Property
“Thermal Paper Product” shall mean any cellulose substrate coated with a heat-sensitive coating, through a chemical reaction, designed to exhibit an image upon heat activation, through a chemical reaction, normally from a thermal print head, which may be either overcoated or non-overcoated, depending on the end-use application (which may or may not include an impact printing process).
Field of Use
The Licensor granted to the Licensee a license to use the technology and any improvements to the technology relating toThermal Paper Products and to be the exclusive manufacturer and distributor in the exclusive territory and the non-exclusive manufacturer and distributor in the non-exclusive territory until the fifth anniversary of the New Technology Transfer Date (October 4, 2009) and the end of the Term; provided, however, that for each Licensed Thermal Paper Product for which the Licensee has paid the Licensor  five years of royalties pursuant to the terms of this Agreement. Upon expiration of the Royalty License pursuant to the terms of this Agreement, the Licensee shall no longer have any rights to manufacture any Licensed Thermal Paper Products that are not the subject of a Perpetual License granted.  Territory” shall mean the Federative Republic of Brazil.

IPSCIO Record ID: 26456

License Grant
The Company hereby grants a non-exclusive worldwide license, without the right to sublicense, under the Licensed Patents and the 3M Know-how to make or have made (except in Japan) and to use, lease, sell or otherwise dispose of Licensed Products in the U.S.A. and throughout the world, except that the right to sell Laser Printers having a plain paper output to any company or subsidiary thereof.
License Property
Laser Printer means non-impact printers using an image data controlled laser diode with a self-resonant mirror to direct the laser diode output and providing an image output only on opaque coated paper or plain paper, wherein such image is eye readable without magnification.

Toner means a dry monocomponent developing material which is used in a Laser Printer of the type having an opaque coated paper output; Infrared Sensitive Photoconductive Copy Material means copy output material which is used in a Laser Printer of the type having an opaque coated paper output;

U.S. Serial
  Number                 Filed                     Title
386,334             June 8, 1982              Infrared Sensitization of Photoconductive Zinc Oxide
400,639             July 22, 1982             Scanning Device For Laser Printers
434,189             October 13, 1982       Data Clocking Circuitry
470,489            February 28, 1983      Laser Diode Control Circuitry
574,066            January 26, 1984       Data Clocking Circuitry
586,204            March 5, 1984            Scanner Amplitude Stabilization System
589,772             March 15, 1984          Compensation Circuitry For a Laser Printer Using a Self-resonant Scanner
594,211             March 28, 1984         RAM Clock Switching Circuitry For a Laser Beam Printer
3,909,258          September 30, 1975  Electrographic Development Process

This invention relates to a printer for electronic generated graphic information and in one aspect to a very low power, electrophotographic, nonimpact and low-noise printer.

Field of Use
The rights granted apply to a plain paper output on printers.
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