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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 20

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IPSCIO Record ID: 1804

License Grant
The Company hereby grants the worldwide right to manufacture, cause to be manufactured, promote, sell, market, distribute and use the Pump Technology; programmable implantable insulin pump system.
License Property
Implantable microinfusion pump systems intended for in vivo use; utilizes Pump Technology for diabetes or non-diabetes applications. Glucose Controllers, Glucose Monitors, Long-Term Glucose Sensors and the abdominal lead that connects the implantable pump to a Long-Term Glucose Sensor are not Licensed Products.  An apparatus or system which utilizes Glucose Sensing Technology to control an insulin infusion device in a human or in an animal.   Any monitor product utilizing Glucose Sensing Technology to provide indications of glucose concentration or changes in glucose concentration in a human or in an animal.

IPSCIO Record ID: 2882

License Grant
The Company assigned all of its patent rights on glucose monitoring technology to the Licensee. In exchange for the use of these patent rights the Company acquired a percentage of interest in Licensee and acquired the right to receive royalty payments on revenues generated by any product developed by Licensee that uses our glucose monitoring technology.  The transaction between the two companies is deemed to be an arm's-length transaction.
Field of Use
The glucose biosensor technology involves the measurement and monitoring of glucose levels in diabetes patients. The implanted Glucose Biosensor continuously monitors blood glucose without the need for finger sticks. SYBD's implanted biosensor can be programmed to monitor blood glucose according to a predetermined schedule, thus eliminating problems of patient compliance. The sensor alarms for dangerous, life threatening conditions such as hypoglycemia.

IPSCIO Record ID: 286035

License Grant
Licensee is entering into a licensing agreement to further develop, manufacture and have manufactured and to market, sell and distribute the products in the territory without infringing the Licensors Glucose Monitor Technology.

The Licensor of Ireland shall remain proprietor of the Licensors Glucose Monitor Technology but  grants to Licensee for the term a sole and exclusive license in the territory, with the right to grant sublicenses, to research, develop, manufacture, have manufactured for Licensee, import and have imported, use, sell, offer for sale and otherwise commercialize the Glucose Monitor Technology, Licensors interest in the joint improvements in the field and the products.

Licensor grants an exclusive license in the territory solely for use in connection with the sale of the product, for the term to use any Licensor trademark, if any, which relates to the Licensors Glucose Monitor Technology applicable to the product.

This agreement includes a non-exclusive grant back to Licensor from Licensee.

License Property
Licensor has technology in relation to the development and production of monitoring devices and drug delivery devices and processes.

Licensor is knowledgeable in the development of devices and methods for directly or indirectly monitoring the concentration of glucose in a subject and has developed unique monitoring devices and methods.

The patents are for Analyte Controlled Liquid Delivery Device and Analyte Monitor; and, Improved Glucose Monitor.

Field of Use
Field shall mean the direct or indirect monitoring of the concentration of glucose in a subject.

IPSCIO Record ID: 2288

License Grant
Licensee, the company subsidiary, entered into an agreement that permits licensee to use Sensor technology (Noninvasive Glucose Sensor) for the manufacture and sale by licensee of a proposed implantable closed loop system.
License Property
The Sensor will enable users to measure blood glucose levels without taking blood samples.  The Sensor is subject to clinical testing and regulatory approvals by the FDA.

IPSCIO Record ID: 7799

License Grant
Israel Licensor hereby irrevocably assigns and transfers to the Israel Licensee, under Incorporation, all rights in the Application for Patent Registration and the Sensor, patent application submitted in connection with a sensor for monitoring glucose concentration in the blood.
License Property
Licensor is the owner of rights in the application for the registration of a patent and/or any other right in connection with a sensor for calculating the glucose level in the blood.
Field of Use
The Licensee wishes to incorporate a company which shall receive the rights in the Application for Patent Registration and which shall act for the purpose of developing, marketing, selling and/or any other acts in connection with the Sensor.

IPSCIO Record ID: 6495

License Grant
The Licensor entered into a Collaboration Agreement with the Licensee. Pursuant to the Agreement, the Licensor and the Licensee agreed to develop jointly and to market an in-hospital continuous blood glucose monitoring system. The Agreement provides the Licensee with an exclusive License under the Company’s intellectual property in the hospital market. The Licensee will be responsible for global sales and marketing, and the Licensor will initially be responsible for manufacturing.
License Property
The automatic glucose monitoring system is indicated for automatic, real-time monitoring and trending of blood glucose concentration in critically ill adults in the hospital environment.  The development of a method for continuous glucose monitoring via an indwelling sensor would enable clinicians to be more effective in implementing tight glycemic control and provide for better accuracy in monitoring and controlling patients' blood glucose levels.
Field of Use
The rights granted relate in the hospital market. Specifically for use in the critical care market.

IPSCIO Record ID: 289542

License Grant
If, and only if, Licensor exercises its option for a license under the CIC Patents pursuant to this agreement, Licensor shall grant (and will cause its Affiliates to grant) to Licensee and its Affiliates the right and option until the expiration of thirty (30) months from the Effective Date or ninety (90) days from the date Licensor exercises its option, whichever is later in time, to obtain a non-exclusive, worldwide, non-transferable, royalty-bearing license under the Savacor Patents.
License Property
Savacor Patents shall mean those patents and patent applications, and all patents and patent applications claiming priority therefrom, that Licensor or its Affiliates acquired from Savacor, Ind. as set forth.  The Savacor Patents shall include the sublicensable patents and patent applications of Cedars Sinai Medical Center listed.

6,970,742 – Method for detecting, diagnosing, and treating cardiovascular disease
6,328,699 – Permanently implantable system and method for detecting, diagnosing and treating congestive heart failure

Field of Use
“CRM Products” means devices for monitoring or electrically stimulating or shocking the heart which are suitable for chronic implantation, in whole or in part, by or with human patients. The term “CRM Products” includes, without limitation cardiac pacemakers, antitachycardia pacemakers, cardiac resynchronization therapy systems, cardioverters, and defibrillators, including combinations thereof; loop recording systems, implantable cardiac monitoring systems, implantable hemodynamic monitoring systems, pulse generators and other waveform generators for such devices; cardiac lead implant catheters and associated tools; leads, electrodes, sensors, capacitors, batteries, power sources, and all other components for such devices; mechanisms for coupling such generators in a stimulating, shocking, sensing, or monitoring relationship to the heart; and data dispensing, processing, and gathering systems for such devices, including programmers, pacing system analyzers, defibrillation system analyzers, testers, encoders, decoders, transtelephonic and other remote monitoring systems and services for use with implantable devices, transmitters, receivers, and computer software-controlled systems, and including the software. The term “CRM Products” excludes, by way of example and not limitation, nerve stimulators (unless used for cardiac therapy), bone growth stimulators, drug release pumps, cardiac pumps, artificial hearts, prosthetic heart valves, catheter ablation devices, imaging systems, catheter location systems, apparatus for revascularization or correction of other physical defects in heart tissue, arrhythmia mapping devices (except as part of an implantable cardiac therapy or monitoring device), angioplasty devices and EKG monitors (other than cardiac stimulation device programmers or other telemetry devices for use with implantable pulse generators or cardiac monitors) which are standalone, non-ambulatory and not intended for transtelephonic or other remote monitoring.

IPSCIO Record ID: 26989

License Grant
We entered into a development and license agreement with a privately-owned Swiss company, pursuant to which the Licensor seeks to develop an externally-worn insulin pump using its patented micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) technology.   We will have the exclusive right to commercialize diabetes products using Licensor's MEMS technology.
Field of Use
The rights granted apply to all of the Intellectual Property for the field consisting of all uses relating to the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of diabetes with the exception of the implantable pump which is the subject of the Implantable Pump Agreement.

IPSCIO Record ID: 406

License Grant
Licensor grants to Licensee an option to purchase a license to make, use and sell devices incorporating Licensor's Technology for use in blood glucose measurement applications devices and total hemoglobin measurement applications devices for marketing or other distribution directly to, and only for use in, hospitals.  Such license shall be exclusive for the earlier of three (3) years following the date that such devices are ready for sale in such market, or four (4) years from the date that Licensor makes the technology available to Licensee.  Thereafter, this license shall be nonexclusive.  Such license shall include the right to sell such devices on an OEM basis (excluding companies in glucose monitoring business) to no more than two OEM companies at any one time.
Field of Use
Licensee desires an option to purchase a license to technology  developed by LABS for use in blood glucose monitoring applications in the  hospital market.

IPSCIO Record ID: 180208

License Grant
The company entered into an agreement providing the company with exclusive rights in the United States and certain other countries to develop Licensors proprietary intravascular infusion catheter to be used with its SynchroMed® II implantable infusion pump and related infusion system components (together referred to as the Implantable System for Remodulin) in order to deliver Remodulin for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH).
License Property
The proprietary intravascular infusion catheter is to be used with its SynchroMed® II implantable infusion pump and related infusion system components (together referred to as the Implantable System for Remodulin) in order to deliver Remodulin for the treatment of PAH.  The Implantable System for Remodulin will be exclusive to Remodulin so long as we purchase a minimum percentage of our annual requirement for implantable pump systems from Licensor.
Field of Use
This agreement pertains to the medical industry.

IPSCIO Record ID: 7548

License Grant
Licensor grants a non-exclusive, non-transferable license under the patent rights to design and construct, use, sell and offer to sell licensed products and the right to grant sublicenses under the patent rights.
License Property
The licensed property is U.S. Patent No. 7,125,382, Embedded Bio Sensor System which expires October 24, 2026 and U.S. Patent Application No. Wireless Molecular Sensor System and Process, Application Number 20110282175.
Field of Use
The field of methods and products related to an implantable radio frequency identification (RFID) device, employing PositiveID’s proprietary technology or methods and capable of connecting to a database which can contain information related to the RFID microchip, such as personal identification or health information. The term Field expressly excludes Restricted Applications.

IPSCIO Record ID: 268269

License Grant
Licensor will manufacture and supply the Implantable System for Remodulin, and Licensee will manufacture and supply Remodulin for use in the system. Each party will perform certain additional activities to support the commercialization of the Implantable System for Remodulin.
License Property
The system incorporates a proprietary Licensor intravascular infusion catheter with Medtronic’s SynchroMed® II implantable infusion pump and related infusion system components (together referred to as the Implantable System for Remodulin) in order to deliver Remodulin for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). We believe this technology has the potential to reduce many of the patient burdens and other complications associated with the use of external pumps to administer prostacyclin analogues.
Field of Use
The Parties wish to collaborate on the commercialization in the United States of the delivery of Remodulin® (treprostinil) injection drug to patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension using Medtronic implantable pumps, catheters, and programmers, and related Medtronic accessories.

IPSCIO Record ID: 779

License Grant
The Licensor, an equity partner, granted the Licensee an exclusive License to utilize the Technology in the Worldwide territory, in the Field of minimally invasive devices, products and methods for diagnostic and therapeutic medical applications for humans and animals and a Non-Exclusive License in the Licensed territory outside of the Field.
License Property
Patents and Patent Rights
U.S. and PCT Pending Applications
Tab    Filing Date    Application No.    Title    JFM Reference
1    26-May-2006    60/803,289    Compact Minimally-Invasive Biomedical Monitor    92329.052206US
2    11-April-2006    11/279,290    Blood Monitoring Systems and Methods Thereof    92329.l47l05US2
3    11-April-2006    PCT/US2006/l3443    Blood Monitoring Systems and Methods Thereof    92329.147105PCT
4    30-June-2006    PCT/US2006/26l05    Non-Invasive, Spectral, Glucose Monitoring Systems and Methods Thereof    92329.147205PCT
5    25-April-2006    11/380,063    Microneedle With Glucose Sensor and Methods Thereof    92329.147305US2
6    25-April-2006    PCT/US2006/l5356    Microneedle With Glucose Sensor and Methods Thereof    92329.147305PCT
7    11-July-2006    PCT/US2006/26774    Minimally Invasive Allergy Testing Systems and Methods Thereof    92329.l47805PCTl
8    11-July-2006    PCT/US2006/26734    Minimally Invasive Allergy Testing Systems and Methods Thereof    92329.147805PCT2

9  PCT/US2007/6l604    Minimally Invasive Allergy Testing with Coated Allergen  

10    Allergy Testing Cartridge with Coated Allergens    92329.0l0l07PCT

Field of Use
“Field” means minimally invasive devices, products and methods for diagnostic and therapeutic medical applications for humans and animals.

IPSCIO Record ID: 27452

License Grant
The Licensor hereby grants to the Company the perpetual, fully paid and irrevocable right and license (hereinafter referred to as the 'License') to (I) exclusively (1) manufacture, assemble, produce, sell and distribute to Customers in the Territory, and (2) cause to be manufactured, assembled, produced, sold and distributed to Customers in the Territory by one or more Affiliates or sublicensees of the Company as it may from time to time select, the Pump Components excluding, however, the manufacture, production, or assembly of the Spring Assemblies.

The Company has the exclusive U.S. marketing rights and license for an ambulatory infusion–a round, spring-driven infusion pump with dedicated administration sets and related accessories which also includes an electronic alarm to denote the completion of an infusion.

License Property
SideKick Infusion System — a round, spring-driven infusion pump with dedicated administration sets and related accessories; (ii) the Paragon Infusion System — a round, spring-driven infusion pump with dedicated administration sets and related accessories; and (iii) the Paragon elite Infusion System –a round, spring-driven infusion pump with dedicated administration sets and related accessories which also includes an electronic alarm to denote the completion of an infusion.
Field of Use
The companion product SIDEKICK utilizes a patented spring technology to deliver IV antibiotics over a shorter time period.

IPSCIO Record ID: 26581

License Grant
The Licensor hereby grants to a Denmark Company a world-wide, exclusive, royalty-bearing license under the Aradigm Patent Rights (including applicable Aradigm Background IPR), Aradigm Selected Pulmonary Delivery Patent Rights, Aradigm New IPR and Aradigm Know-How (including applicable Aradigm Background IPR) to (a) develop, manufacture, use, market, distribute, sell, offer for sale, have made, import and/or export any Packaged Product and the Device in and from the Territory for use within the Field, with the right to sublicense its customers and Joint Marketing Partners pursuant and (b) otherwise exercise and perform its rights and obligations under this Agreement.
License Property
AERx iDMS insulin diabetes management system (iDMS uses a unique liquid human insulin strip to deliver an aerosol of insulin to the lungs. AERx iDMS enables 1-unit increment dosing, and the device ensures that the insulin dose is released at the optimal point of inhalation for delivery to the lungs.  The device was used for dosing fast-acting human insulin immediately before main meals, in combination with bedtime NPH insulin. The AERx iDMS device recorded the date and time of each insulin inhalation, insulin units used, and inhalation technique during aerosol delivery.

The AERx iDMS is being designed as a painless and convenient alternative to insulin injection. This should enable patients with diabetes to comply more effectively with their insulin therapy, thereby reducing the risk of long-term complications.  AERx iDMS is being developed to control blood glucose levels in patients with diabetes.

Field of Use
Field shall mean pulmonary administration of insulin, insulin analogs and any other compounds whose principal therapeutic effect is to control blood glucose levels in humans, including but not limited to glucagon-like peptide (GLP), GLP-1 and analogs of GLP.

IPSCIO Record ID: 144368

License Grant
The Licensor,  an individual, an Executive Director and substantial shareholder of the Company, has licensed the rights to the Company.
License Property
Licensor is instrumental and has expertise in the development of oxygen carrier and glucose sensor.

The artificial extracellular oxygen carriers are capable of human organ support in cases of acute and chronic lack of oxygen or blood loss due to surgery, accident, arterial occlusion, anemia or other causes.

The implantable glucose sensor is for day and night monitoring of a patients glucose level.

Field of Use
The Licensee is in the business of developing hemoglobin based artificial oxygen carriers as blood volume substitutes and blood additive and by products thereof.  The Licensees products include those for use in anesthesia and sleep diagnostics and a skin-oxy-meter for determination of the oxygen supply and conductivity of the skin.

IPSCIO Record ID: 1666

License Grant
The Company acquired rights to the Sensor technology for the manufacture and sale of a proposed implantable closed loop system.
Field of Use
Sensors include all devices for the noninvasive detection of analytes in mammals or in other biological materials.

IPSCIO Record ID: 7157

License Grant
Seller desires to sell and deliver to Buyer, and Buyer desires to purchase and receive from Seller all, right, title and interest in and to certain Seller’s assets used or useful in connection with the operation of the Business in the RFID Field, so as to permit Buyer to independently pursue the development and improvement of the Business in the RFID Field.
License Property
In the past, the Seller’s business has included the manufacture and sale of implantable passive radio-frequency identification microchips (RFID Chip), and components related thereto, including readers, transponders, implanters, packaging devices and related services (the Business).

Seller, in conjunction with its development partner (a third party) has developed the GlucoChipâ„¢, a product designed to measure blood glucose levels in vivo. This product is based on the intellectual property (patents, patents pending and other intellectual property) being sold to Buyer as a part of this agreement. Simultaneously with the execution of this agreement, the parties will enter into a License Agreement whereby Buyer will grant a license to Seller regarding and including the GlucoChipâ„¢.

Description of Assets. Upon the terms and subject to the conditions hereof, on the Closing Date, Seller shall sell, transfer, assign and deliver to Buyer, and Buyer shall purchase from Seller, all of Seller’s right, title and interest in and to all of Seller’s assets that are limited to the operation of the Business in the RFID Field, including, without limitation, the following assets (collectively referred to as the Purchased Assets) which shall be conveyed in the manner described  The patents and patent applications, including divisions, continuations, renewals, reissuances, and extensions of the foregoing (as applicable) listed in this Agreement shall be transferred and assigned to Buyer (the Assigned Patents), pursuant to an assignment of patent, and Seller shall receive from Buyer a full and irrevocable covenant not to sue for Seller's use of such patents and patent applications pursuant to the License Agreement between Seller and Buyer dated August 28, 2012.

Assigned Patents

Patent #

7,125,382            Embedded Bio-Sensor System
7,297,112            Embedded Bio-Sensor System
2008/0033273     Embedded Bio-Sensor System
7,241,266            Transponder for Embedded Bio-Sensor using Body Energy as a Power Source

The implantable RFID device is protected under United States Patent No. 7,125,382, Embedded Bio Sensor System for the purpose of designing and constructing, using, selling and offering to sell products or services related to the Licensee business, but excluding the GlucoChip, or any product or application involving blood glucose detection or diabetes management.  

Embedded bio-sensor system – Provided is a bio-sensor system which utilizes radio frequency identification technology and which includes a remote transponder in wireless communication with an implantable passively-powered on-chip transponder. The bio-sensor system is specifically adapted to provide a substantially stable and precise sensor reference voltage to a sensor assembly that is included with the on-chip transponder.

The remote transponder is also configured to remotely receive data representative of a physiological parameter of the patient as well as identification data and may enable readout of one or more of the physiological parameters that are measured, processed and transmitted by the on-chip transponder upon request by the remote transponder. The precision and stability of the sensor reference voltage is enhanced by the specific circuit architecture of the glucose sensor to allow for relatively accurate measurement of the physiological parameter such as measurement of glucose concentration by a glucose sensor without the use of a microprocessor.

Field of Use
Buyer intends to develop, market, and sell RFID systems used to identify, locate and protect people, medical devices and other applications, which systems use the RFID Chip and components related thereto, including readers, transponders, implanters and packaging devices, and which future systems, products, components and services developed by or on behalf of Buyer may use the RFID Chip or portions thereof (RFID Field).

IPSCIO Record ID: 25900

License Grant
Licensor grants to Licensee an exclusive, worldwide license under the Patent Rights, with the right to grant Sublicenses, to make, have made, sell, have sold, offer to sell, import and export tangible Licensed Products, and an exclusive license to sell Service, and to use the Patent Rights and Licensor's Technology for internal research, internal development and internal quality control purposes, with no right to grant Sublicenses except that Licensee shall have the right to grant any Sublicensees a Sublicense to use the Patent Rights and Receptor's Technology solely for internal research, internal development and internal quality control purposes.
License Property
Licensor, a corporation developing, manufacturing and selling products for pharmaceutical research and development, biopharmaceutical manufacturing, medical devices, diagnostics and sensor systems holds the intellectual property rights to the CARAâ„¢ technologies.
Field of Use
Field means the field of methods and products for glucose sensing for use in the human body or in animals, employing Licensor's proprietary artificial receptor technology or methods, synthetic competitor agent technology or methods, or sensing system technology or methods.

Markets  means Diagnostics – an Implantable Glucose Sensing Device for use in the human body markets, the animal markets, and applicational areas in the Field.

IPSCIO Record ID: 372589

License Grant
Licensor grants to Licensee of South Korea the exclusive right and license under the Patents and the Know-How to develop, have developed, use, market, have marketed, sell and have sold, and import the Product within the scope of the Field in the Territory.

For the Trademarks, Licensee may use the Trademarks solely as necessary to use, offer for sale, sell, lease and/or import the Product in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

License Property
Licensor is engaged in the business of research, development, production and commercialization of transdermal medical devices and pharmaceuticals, with an emphasis on transdermal continuous glucose monitoring systems, and, transdermal drug delivery technologies.

Product means Licensors proprietary technology known as the Symphonyâ„¢ tCGM System, including any next-generation products that are substantially based upon or incorporate improvements to the Symphonyâ„¢ tCGM System.

The trademarks mean Prelude, Prelude SkinPrep, Symphony, and, Symphony tCGM.

Patents are titled Skin Permeation Device for Analyte Sensing or Transdermal Drug Delivery; and, Transdermal Analyte Monitoring Systems and Methods for Analyte Detection.

Field of Use
The Field means continuous glucose monitoring for use by medical facilities and/or individual consumers as approved by the South Korea Food and Drug Administration.

Licensor product development is for use in clinical settings and by people with diabetes.

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