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Created On: 2020-07-15
Record Count: 3

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IPSCIO Record ID: 177999

License Grant
The Licensor grants a sole, non-exclusive license to use Licensor Patents, Licensor Trademarks and Know-how to the Belgium Licensee, to sell and perform the AD7C/TM/ Test in the Territory. The AD7C/TM/ test is for measuring levels of Alzheimers marker Neural Thread Protein (NTP) in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).
License Property
The Licensor has developed the AD7C/TM/ Test to aid in the diagnosis of Alzheimers Disease and wishes to make the test available for sale in Europe.

U. S. Patent Number 8,050,559  Neural Thread Protein Gene Expression and Detection of Alzheimers Disease U. S. Patent Number 7,289,207  Method of Detecting Neurological Disease or Dysfunction

Field of Use
The Belgium Licensee has testing facilities and capabilities for conducting the Nymox AD7C/TM/ Test in Europe; and  to conduct sales and related operations in Europe.

IPSCIO Record ID: 6138

License Grant
The Licensee has the exclusive License to the rights to the NTP testing technology, which measures the level of a brain protein called neural thread protein (NTP), and which is elevated early in Alzheimer's disease, effective in 1997.   University and the Licensor are part of a sponsored research and licensing agreement, under which the Licensee sponsored the research of the principal investigations into the use of neural thread protein, its antibodies or genes for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. The Licensee also paid the patent costs for the patent applications filed arising out of this research. In return under the agreement, the licensee received an exclusive worldwide license of the patents to sell products and to use processes encompassed by them.
License Property
The Licensor have discovered Neural Thread Protein, and developed antibodies, probes, and other reagents, patents, and information associated with this protein and are interested in the development of new diagnostic strategies for Alzheimer's Disease and other neurodegenerative diseases ('TECHNOLOGY');

The term 'PATENT RIGHT' shall mean: (a) (i) the United States Patent Application Serial No. 07/287,207 filed December 20, 1988 entitled 'Method of Detecting Neurological Disease or Dysfunction,' (ii) the United States CIP Patent Application Serial No. 07/451,975 filed on December 20, 1989, (iii) the United States Patent Application Serial Number 08/055,778 filed May 3, 1993 as a file wrapper continuation, and, (iv) the United States Patent Application Serial Number to be assigned, filed June 6, 1995 as a divisional application,

b) (i) the United States Patent Application Serial No. 08/050,559 filed on April 20, 1993 entitled 'Neural Thread Protein Gene Expression and Detection of Alzheimer's Disease, ' (ii) the United States CIP Patent Application Serial No. 08/230,139 filed on April 20, 1994, (iii) the United States CIP Patent Application 08/340,426 filed on November 14, 1994, (iv) the United States Patent Application Serial No. 08/454,557 filed on May 30, 1995 as a divisional application, and (v) the United States Patent Application Serial No. 08/450,673 filed on May 30, 1995 as a divisional application;

Field of Use
The term 'FIELD OF RESEARCH' shall mean research pertaining to the use of any form of neural thread protein, its antibodies, and any cDNAs or genes or genomic fragments coding for neural thread protein, for diagnostic purposes.

IPSCIO Record ID: 274655

License Grant
The German University granted an exclusive license to the University’s patent that underlies the Lympro Test.
License Property
The LymPro Test® is an immune-based neurodiagnostic blood test originally developed as a diagnostic blood test for detection of Alzheimer’s disease.
Field of Use
The field of use is to develop and commercialize the LymPro Test® for the detection of Alzheimer’s disease.
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