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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 20

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IPSCIO Record ID: 1694

License Grant
Employees assign to Company the Patent Application and the Patent Rights of Optical Service Unit.
License Property
Method and apparatus for the monitoring and demarcation of synchronous optical networks, Serial Number 08/108,338.

A method and apparatus for establishing an intelligent demarcation between facility and terminal segments of a synchronous optical network. Network management information contained with the overhead structure of the synchronous optical network signal is extracted and manipulated in accordance with a predetermined user specification; overhead data may be translated, terminated, or passed unaltered as required. Overhead processing towards the facility and terminal segments need not be symmetrical.  Payload information is passed unaltered although future provisions for encrypting payload data exist.  Full performance monitoring is supported along with a built-in-test and diagnostic capability. The device may be both locally and remotely controlled and monitored.  Remote control is implemented via the overhead information contained within the synchronous optical network signal.

Field of Use
Field of Use Synchronous optical networks.

IPSCIO Record ID: 27271

License Grant
The Company of Germany will have exclusive international rights to products.
License Property
Licensor, is engaged in, among other things, the design, development, manufacture, distribution, sale and service of components for a Full Service Access Network (FSAN) and Licensor has designed iFLX Products (as hereinafter defined) as a first step to meeting FSAN standards which products are designed for countries applying the ETSI or ITU standards.

Licensor desires to sell to Licensee and Licensee desire to purchase from Licensor (i) as co-owners with all of the rights and limitations set forth herein, all of the intellectual property underlying the iFLX Products and (ii) as sole owners certain patents and certain assets which are used in the design, development, manufacture, sale and service of the iFLX Products all as more specifically defined below.

Full Service Access Network (FSAN) is a global standard for access systems that provide both broadband and narrowband services.  Licensee agreed to develop new intellectual property for FSAN products and to license the new intellectual property back to Licensor.  The FSAN standard architectures incorporate high bandwidth, asynchronous transfer mode (ATM), passive optical network (PON) and Digital Subscriber Line (xDSL) technologies.

iFLX is an electronic units for encoding and decoding video codecs; apparatus for the subscriber loop of public telecommunications networks; namely, remote terminals, linecards, pedestal units with splitter/combiner devices, and network interface apparatus for transmitting and receiving digital signal over fiber optic cables.

Field of Use
Fields means the iFLX Field and the FSAN Field.

IPSCIO Record ID: 203416

License Grant
Licensor grants a worldwide, perpetual, nontransferable license under the PowerStream IP
– to make, use, create, develop, sell, offer to sell, rent, lease, distribute, market, commercialize, export and/or import Products anywhere in or throughout the world;
– to have Products made, used, created, developed, sold, offered for sale, rented, leased, distributed, marketed, commercialized, exported and/or imported anywhere in or throughout the world, provided that Licensee may not have Products made, created or developed by a Competitor of Licensor without Licensors prior written consent; and
– to grant sublicenses, which may authorize further sublicensing through one or more layers of sublicensees, to third parties, provided that Licensee may not grant such sublicenses to a Competitor of Licensor without Licensors prior written consent.
License Property
Licensor is the owner of and is developing certain technologies for communications over various media, including powerlines and copper telephone wire, that are degraded by noise, signal attenuation and/or signal distortion

Powerstream Technology means Licensors high speed powerline technology, which includes a synchronizer, a digital equalizer, a modulator/demodulator, a forward error correction encoder/decoder, an error detection encoder/decoder, physical layer management, segmentation and reassembly, link protocol, quality of service, and applicable interfaces.

MWB Technology means that multiple wideband, high speed communications technology being jointly developed by Licensor and Licensee, a High-Data-Rate Long Distance Communications for Noisy and Attenuated Media such as VDSL, rev. 1.00, and which will be further developed jointly by Licensor and Licensee pursuant to this Agreement.

Products means products that are designed for use only in the Field implementing the PowerStream Technology and/or MWB Technology and that, but for the provisions of this Agreement, would infringe the PowerStream IP and/or MWB IP.

The patents are for Power Line Communication System, Method and Apparatus for Data Encoding and Communication Over Noisy Media, Reconfigurable On-Demand Telephone and Data Line System, Wideband Communication System Using Delay Line Clock Multiplier, Token Passing Arrangement For Power Line Communication System, Digital Equalization Process and Mechanism, and, Error Correction Process and Mechanism.

Field of Use
The Field means transmission products for any portion of the telecommunications network comprised of copper telephone wire between and including the carriers facility and the termination of that wire at the access point at the user premises, including in-building copper telephone wire cable riser applications in multi-tenant units (MTUs) and multi-dwelling buildings (MDUs). Other in-building applications are not included in the Field.

IPSCIO Record ID: 3574

License Grant
Licensor hereby grants to Licensee, a non-exclusive License to make and have made for Licensee Licensed Products in the Exclusive Field and the Non-exclusive Field.  Additionally, Licensor hereby grants a non-exclusive License to offer for sale, sell, lease and distribute Licensed Products within the Exclusive Field or Non-exclusive Field to End Users, Product Resellers, and Service Providers.   Licensee agrees to the following conditions regarding sale or lease of Licensed Products.  United States Patent No. 5,043,736.
License Property
The patent (the PLU Patent) covers the apparatus and method of transmitting satellite position system signals (including GPS and other satellite-based navigation systems) over a cellular network to a base unit. The system provides latitude, longitude information remotely to the base unit display.  Patent is a process patent for a system which includes the design for a small hand held receiver for signals from a GPS satellite and timing and computing circuits to provide location information signals. The hand held unit also includes a transmitter to a cellular telephone network, connected to the base unit computational system and display. The location of an individual or object can thus be determined at the remote station through the use of the cellular telephone network.

The PLU patent covers a global positioning system especially adapted for use by an individual or object that includes a portable remote unit and a base information display unit. The portable remote unit includes a radio frequency (RF) receiver circuit for use with a satellite navigation system, a digital signal processor for analyzing coded signals, a cellular phone modem circuits for transmitting encoded signals to the base unit and a time of day clock. The base unit includes a computational system for decoding position data and a visual display device for presenting remote and map coordinates. The location of an individual or object can thus be determined at the remote station through the use of the cellular telephone network.

Monitoring and Monitoring Services mean monitoring, locating, tracking, providing of directions, emergency response services, and other services for a person or object equipped with a Unit from a remote location within the scope of the claims of the Patent.

Licensed Product(s) means systems, products, processes, methods, machines, apparatus, manufactures and/or services covered by one or more of the claims of the Patent or Foreign Patents.

Field of Use
Non-exclusive Field means any field of use for any system, product, process, method, machine, apparatus, manufacture or service covered by any claim of the Patent or Foreign Patents used by a law enforcement agency to track vehicles that are used by law enforcement personnel.

Exclusive Field means any field of use for any system, product, process, method, machine, apparatus, manufacture or service covered by any claim of the Patent or Foreign Patents not covered by the Excluded Field or the Non-exclusive Field.

IPSCIO Record ID: 27535

License Grant
In the Settlement Agreement, each of the parties granted to the other a License to its patents related to optical transmission systems.
Field of Use
Licensee is in the intelligent optical networking equipment market.

IPSCIO Record ID: 2922

License Grant
In 2003 we acquired a patent for VoIP communication from the undisclosed inventor.  Patent licensing revenue is derived from licensing our intellectual property.
License Property
Our VoIP Patent Portfolio is an international patent portfolio covering the basic process and technology that enables VoIP communications.  Our patented technology enables telecommunications customers to originate a phone call on a traditional handset, transmit any part of that call via the Internet, and then terminate the call over the traditional telephone network.

In connection with the acquisition of U.S. Patent No. 6,243,373, the Company agreed to remit, to the former owner of the patent, proceeds from future revenue derived from the licensing of the VoIP Patent Portfolio, composed of U.S. Patent No's. 6,243,373 and 6,438,124.

Field of Use
The rights granted apply to the telecommunication field.

IPSCIO Record ID: 27929

License Grant
Licensor hereby grants to Licensee, one non-exclusive and non-transferable right and license, during the Term of this Agreement, to make, have made, use, offer to sell, sell and otherwise transfer the Product or Products and practice the invention covered by the claims of the Patents solely within the embodiment of the triggerable location and remote control products developed and manufactured by Licensee.  This license is granted for developing, using, manufacturing (including outsourced manufacturing), marketing distribution and sales (including extending its rights under this license to units it sells to its customers for actual use of the licensed products) of Units.  Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this agreement, except for all previously granted licenses and the licenses granted to Licensee, Licensor shall not license the Systems to any other persons or entities except those against whom Licensor has alleged have infringed or may potentially infringe upon Licensor's intellectual property rights.
License Property
The System is a telematics system which combines the following components and electronic circuits (or their functional equivalents) together comprising (i) a location signal generating device such as a GPS system receiver, (ii) a telemetry communication module such as a cellular telephone or satellite transceiver for example, (iii) a central processor unit, (iv) a trigger sensor input/output interface module, (v) a location signal antenna, (vi) a communication signal antenna, and (vii) a power source (the Unit).

Identification of Patents.  Licensee agrees that all rights granted by Licensor to Licensee hereunder are conditioned upon Licensee permanently affixing to the packaging of each Unit incorporating and using the Product and permanently affixing to each Unit incorporating and using the Product a legible notice reading Licensed under Patents No. US- 6,297,768 B1, 6,476,763 B2, 6,484,035 B2, 7,710,738 B2,, substituting any future patent numbers, as applicable.

Licensor has invented, developed and patented certain inventions relating to Wireless Triggerable Location and Remote Control products and Licensor intends to continue to invent, develop, improve and patent second generation Location and Remote Control products related thereto which represent improvements or modifications to the existing inventions (collectively, the Product) which either are currently under the protection of certain Letter Patents described in detail and shown in this document (including any modifications, extensions, renewals, divisions, continuations and continuations-in-parts and all reissues thereof), or will be protected by further patents now pending and obtained by Licensor (collectively, the Patents).

Field of Use
The rights granted relates to location reporting apparatus and methods.  The patent specifications necessary for Licensee to integrate and create the functions of the Product into the Unit are defined in this agreement.  It is understood that Licensee is responsible for all engineering, designs and manufacturing required for Licensee to utilize the intellectual property embodied in the patents.

The technology utilizes the integrated use of telecommunications and informatics to enable users to remotely monitor, track, control and protect a wide variety of asset classes such as, automobiles, and other motorized vehicles, shipping containers, covert vehicles used for law enforcement, and even people. This technology is referred to as “Telematics.”

IPSCIO Record ID: 25891

License Grant
Licensor hereby grants a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty bearing license under the '930 Patent (i) to make, use, lease, sell, offer for sale, import design, Have Made and otherwise transfer Licensed Products, including the right to procure or produce components therefore, (ii) to practice a method or process involved in the manufacture thereof, and (iii) practice any method or process involved in the use thereof.

Licensor agreed to a settlement of its patent infringement litigation against Licensee  and Licensee Systems, in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Tyler Division, for infringement of Network-1's Remote Power Patent (U.S. Patent No. 6,218,930).

Field of Use
The Remote Power Patent relates to, among other things, the delivery of power over Ethernet cables in order to remotely power network connected devices including, among others, wireless switches, wireless access points, RFID card readers, VoIP telephones and network cameras.

IPSCIO Record ID: 1612

License Grant
The Company was granted a nonexclusive license for frame Relay Protocol based Multiplex Switching Scheme for satellites (United States Patent Number 5,434,850).
License Property
Product shall mean one or more chassis incorporating a frame relay protocol switch which, at the time sold by Licensee, includes one or more modulator cards and demodulator cards, and which is sold for incorporation in an earth station of a satellite based communications system (e.g., the Skyframe SF-800 and SF-400).
Field of Use
The Company has developed new and useful technology and devices for use in earth station as part of a satellite communications network.

IPSCIO Record ID: 3419

License Grant
The Licensor of British Virgin Islands entered into a Licensed Works Agreement, Licensed Works Agreement Statement of Work and a Patent License Agreement with the Mexican Licensee, under which the Licensor agreed to integrate our bandwidth management technology and related intellectual property into future Lotus Unified Communications offerings by the Licensee, and to provide maintenance support services.

The Agreements have a five year term and are non-cancelable except for material default by either party.  The Agreements also convey to the Licensee a non-exclusive world-wide License to our patent portfolio existing at the time of the Agreements and for all subsequent patents issued with an effective filing date of up to five years from the date of the Agreements.

License Property
The Licensor's broad portfolio of patents covers, among other areas, video and rich media collaboration technologies, networked real-time text and non-text Communications and desktop workstation echo cancellation.

In general, patents relate to networked real-time conferencing related technology.  Patent numbers include  7,398,296; 7,206,809; 7,185,054; 7,152,093; 7,054,904; 6,972,786; 6,959,322; 6,816,904; 6,789,105; 6,594,688; 6,583,806; 6,437,818; 6,426,769; 6,351,762; 6,343,314; 6,237,025; 6,212,547; 6,081,291; 5,978,835; 5,915,091; 5,896,500; 5,884,039; 5,867,654; 5,854,893; 5,802,294; 5,758,079; 5,751,338; 5,689,641; 5,617,539.

“Node” means a single computing device, such as a hardware server.

“Session Initiation Protocol” (“SIP”) means a signalling protocol, widely used for setting up and tearing down multimedia communication sessions such as voice and video calls over the Internet.

“Multipoint Control Unit” (“MCU”) means an endpoint on the local area network that provides the capability for three (3) or more terminals and gateways to participate in a multipoint conference.

“Virtual Private Network” (“VPN”) means a computer network in which some of the links between nodes are carried by open connections or virtual circuits in some larger network (e.g., the Internet) instead of by physical wires.

Field of Use
The rights granted apply to multimedia telecommunications.

IPSCIO Record ID: 1341

License Grant
The Licensor filed a consolidated patent infringement suit against the Licensee in fiscal 2010 and after a nearly three week trial that ended October 6, 2011, the jury reached a partial verdict involving two out of the six patents.

The Court determined that one of the patents (U.S. Patent 7,058,150) [the ‘150 patent] had been infringed by the Licensee, and the jury rendered an advisory verdict to the Court that the ‘150 patent is not invalid, and awarded approximately $0.4 million in damages related to that patent.

The jury reached a unanimous verdict of non-infringement on another patent relating to the Licensees Fibre Channel switch products.

A mistrial was declared on the remaining four patents for which no unanimous verdict was reached. Subsequent to the trial, the Court issued orders consistent with the advisory verdicts of invalidity, and also issued an order that one of the four remaining patents (U.S. Patent 7,471,691) [the'691 patent] had been infringed by us.

On April 4, 2012, we filed a notice of appeal with respect to the ‘150 patent and the ‘691 patent infringement findings.

On March 16, 2012, the Court issued a decision concerning injunctive relief for the ‘150 and the ‘691 patents.

The decision provided, in part, for a sunset period of 18 months relating to the ‘150 patent, starting on October 12, 2011.

The sunset period allows the Licensee to sell the affected products to existing customers for specific customer devices, subject to limitations relating to when the products had been qualified and when certain firm orders had been placed.

The decision further provided for a sunset period of 18 months relating to the ‘691 patent, starting on December 16, 2011.

License Property
The affected products for the ‘150 patent include the BE2, BE3, XE201, and SOC 442 ASICs, products containing them, and products not colorably different from them.

The affected products for the ‘691 patent include the SOC 320, SOC 422, and SOC 442 ASICs, products containing them, and products not colorably different from them.

The decision further provided for Licensee to pay a royalty on all sales of such products made during The sunset period. The decision also clarified that foreign sales (outside the U.S.) are beyond the scope of the suit.

IPSCIO Record ID: 27714

License Grant
The Company obtained the exclusive right to a patented technology.
License Property
The technology is high-precision optical networking products, based upon proprietary optical waveguide technology, for next-generation optical communications networks.
Field of Use
This agreement pertains to the communication industry.

IPSCIO Record ID: 5754

License Grant
Licensor hereby grants Licensee an exclusive, perpetual and irrevocable worldwide license, with right of sublicense, to make, have made, import, offer to sell and sell products using any and all know-how, processes, and other methods useful for the practice of the Patent including without limitation the Excluded Portion, as well as any other intellectual property rights Licensor may now have or may hereafter acquire recognized in any jurisdiction in the world related to the subject matter of the Patent and the Receive Diversity Technology and agrees not to assert any claim against Repeater and its licensees with respect to such items, other than claims to enforce the terms of this Agreement.
License Property
We entered into a license agreement with our Vice President of Engineering, for commercial and intellectual property rights, including patent rights, in receive diversity technology.

We have incorporated this technology into some of our repeaters, as described under the headings Wireless System Technology and Products and Services in the Business section of this prospectus.

Our products are based on our Network Repeater technology that works in conjunction with base stations to expand the coverage area of a wireless network.  Our Repeater Hybrid Network reduces the number of base stations required to achieve an equivalent coverage area and significantly lowers the cost of the network.  Technology relates to the field of CDMA repeater technology for which a patent application has been filed (Delay Combiner System for CDMA Repeaters and Low Noise Amplifiers, Patent Application No. 09/028434, the Patent) .

Field of Use
The rights granted relates to the field of CDMA repeater technology in the wireless system technology.

IPSCIO Record ID: 742

License Grant
Licensor hereby grants to the Exclusive License to Licensee.
License Property
An unprecedented business decision-making tool, a LogiBoxx Certified Solution offers continuous visibility within the Supply Chain, Logistics, and Asset Management and Control industries.

Licensed Rights  Shall mean
a. Patent Application Serial No. 61/245,141
b. Patent Application Serial No. 11/854, 305

Field of Use
The Licensee's development of GPS devices embedded with RFID modules represents its core technology and products.

IPSCIO Record ID: 5458

License Grant
In a related party transaction, the Company entered into a ten-year licensing agreement with an entity under common control on April 26, 2002 for the exclusive right to use the patent pending technology that supplies private and public broadband wireless networks, infrastructure and applications to airborne customers.
License Property
Technology refers to a high-speed, broadband wireless technology for the aircraft industry

Certain voice and data transmission technology that is set forth in the specification of United States patent application number 09/592,687, filed June 13, 2000, and entitled 'Digital data transmission utilizing vector coordinates within a hyperbola model.

Field of Use
The rights granted apply for broadband wireless technology worldwide for the private and commercial aircraft industry.

IPSCIO Record ID: 27483

License Grant
The Licensor  grants the Licensee exclusive right to produce or have produced products covered by U.S. Patent #4,768,849 a filter tap for use in optical fiber communication systems.
License Property
Applications involve Optical wavelengths greater than 1.1u.  The applications relate to thin-film coating of material for use in fiber-optic systems for information distribution to and from multiple users.  Licensee may produce or have produced products covered by the Patent for applications involving Optical wavelengths which are less than 1.1u but only for sale to licensee or a designated affiliate, unless licensee shall otherwise consent in writing.

IPSCIO Record ID: 27377

License Grant
A stockholder granted the Company the exclusive license to use certain cable manufacturing techniques and equipment designs without restriction.
License Property
The Company manufactures and markets a broad range of fiber optic cables for high bandwidth transmission of data, video and audio communications over moderate distances of up to approximately 10 miles.

IPSCIO Record ID: 332216

License Grant
Licensor grants to Licensee a personal, nontransferable worldwide and nonexclusive license under Licensors Intellectual Property
(a) to make and have made, import, use and sell, lease or otherwise dispose of Complete CDMA Telephones solely for Wireless Local Loop Applications,
(b) to make and have made, import, use and sell, lease or otherwise dispose of CDMA Modem Cards solely for Wireless Applications, and
(c) to make and have made Components provided such Components have been exclusively designed by Licensee and which design is owned and used exclusively by Licensee and import, use and sell, lease and otherwise dispose of Components but only if such Components are included as part of and within complete Subscriber Units Sold by Licensee.
License Property
Licensor has developed certain proprietary Code Division Multiple Access('CDMA') technology which may be useful in providing greater capacity and improved quality and reliability compared to other cellular telephone technologies.

CDMA Applications means all communication applications, regardless of the transmission medium, which operate using code division multiple access (CDMA) technology, whether or not based on IS-95, cdma2000 or W-CDMA, and irrespective of frequency band.

IS-95 Related Systems means IS-95 and any single carrier system with a spreading bandwidth not greater than 1.25 Mhz and based on or derived from IS-95.

Licensors Intellectual Property' means Licensors Technically Necessary IPR and Licensors Included Commercially Necessary IPR and InterDigitals Patents; provided that, notwithstanding the foregoing, the term Licensors Intellectual Property' shall not include any intellectual property, including but not limited to patents, owned by SnapTrack, Inc.

Field of Use
Licensee desires to obtain a license of Licensor's Intellectual Property to manufacture and sell Subscriber Units and to purchase certain components and equipment from time to time under regular purchase orders.

The field of use is digital spread spectrum communications as applied to the telecommunications industry.

IPSCIO Record ID: 29266

License Grant
Licensor agreed to offer, for a limited time, the terms of the Special Licensing Program to defendants, including Licensee, in the litigation Network-1 Security Solutions, Inc. v. Cisco, Inc. et. al, Case No. 608-cv-00030, pending in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Tyler Division.
License Property
Licensor is the beneficial owner of United States Patent No. 6,218,930.  On June 18, 2008, Licensor commenced an industry-wide “Special Licensing Program” for the ‘930 Patent to vendors of Power over Ethernet equipment.

The Special Licensing Program was of limited duration and was being implemented on an industry-wide basis to offer discounted running royalty rates and exceptions to Licensor’s standard current licensing terms and conditions relating to the ‘930 Patent to PoE vendors who are “early adopters” and enter into License Agreements without delay and to avoid litigation and higher royalties; Licensee and its Subsidiaries desire to obtain a royalty-bearing, non-exclusive, License under the ‘930 Patent, and Licensor is willing to grant Licensee and its Subsidiaries such License subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.  

Licensed Products (as of the effective date) include, but are not necessarily limited to  ProSafe L3 Managed Stackable Switches (including FSM 7328PS-100NAS, FSM 7352PSNA, FSM 7326PNA)
ProSafe Smart Switches (including GS 724TP-100NAS, GS 748TP-100NAS, FS 728TP-100NAS, FS 752TPSNA, FS 726T PNA)
ProSafe Unmanaged Desktop Switches (including FS116PNA, FS108PNA)
ProSafe Smart Wireless Controller (including WFS709TP)
ProSafe Light Wireless Access Point (including WGL 102-100NAS)
ProSafe Dual Band Light Wireless Access Point (including WAGL 102)
ProSafe Wireless Access Point (including WG 302NA)
ProSafe 802.11n Dual Band Wireless Access Point (including WNDAP330-100NAS)

IPSCIO Record ID: 5427

License Grant
The jury rendered a verdict that we infringed the nCube `804 patent.

A Delaware District Court jury unanimously upheld nCUBE's patent for VOD delivery and found that SeaChange willfully infringed the patent related to communication between a server and a set-top box, filed in 1998.

License Property
Patented technology that concerns a unique video server architecture specially suited for VOD delivery, allowing the video server to provide scalable video services to all service providers, while requiring only minimal changes to the video server in order to make it compatible with the existing systems.
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