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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 11

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IPSCIO Record ID: 166414

License Grant
Licensor grants to Licensee and its Subsidiaries a nonexclusive license under the Licensed Patents to make, use, import, offer to sell, sell and otherwise transfer Products.  Additionally, Licensor grants to Licensee and its Subsidiaries a nonexclusive license under the Licensed Patents the right to have Licensees Products made by another manufacturer for the use and/or lease, sale or other transfer only by Licensee and its Subsidiaries.  Such license shall further include the right to incorporate Products as components, subassemblies or subsystems in other products manufactured and/or sold by Licensee and its Subsidiaries.
License Property
The patents relate to coherent semiconductor injection laser array.  The invention relates to optical devices and more particularly relates to solid state lasers.

'Full Wafer Technology' shall mean a batch processing chlorine- assisted ion beam etching technique capable of producing more than one edge emitting semiconductor ridge waveguide laser having a gallium arsenide quantum well active region.

Field of Use
Licensee is in the semiconductor industry.

IPSCIO Record ID: 28220

License Grant
We entered into a license agreement with the University granting us exclusive worldwide rights relating to aluminum free high power semiconductor diode lasers under patent rights of the University.
License Property
The patent rights and the license with University cover all production methods, including, but not limited to Molecular Beam Epitaxy and Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition.
Field of Use
The Licensee produces high power semiconductor diode laser wafers and bars or HPDLs, and to market these products worldwide.

IPSCIO Record ID: 4178

License Grant
Licensor grants to Licensee a personal, nontransferable exclusive, royalty-bearing license in the Territory under the Invention Rights to  practice the technology described in the Invention Record and to sell Licensed Products.
License Property
Licensed Products – Lasers, laser subassemblies, and discrete laser components and devices in lasers thereof.

Licensor is in possession of at least license rights in the invention disclosed in Invention Record P.D. File 82-2716 entitled 'R-Line Optical Pumping of Alexandrite Lasers Using Semiconductor Diode Lasers' ('Invention Record') and claimed in U.S. Patent Nos. 5,488,626 and 6,009,114, (such license rights being referred to herein as 'Invention Rights').

IPSCIO Record ID: 328

License Grant
Japanese Licensor hereby grants to Licensee the exclusive License under the Patents, Technical Information and Intellectual Property Rights to manufacture, use, offer for sale, sell, import and/or lease the Products in the territory; provided, however, Licensee agrees not to manufacture any of the three Products listed in this Agreement at any time on or prior to June 30, 2006; provided further, however, that Licensee may start on the effective date to manufacture, use, offer for sale, sell, import and/or lease in the territory all subsystems related to any Products, including, but not limited to, the Nison Vesper submodule. For the avoidance of doubt, Licensor acknowledges and agrees that the License granted to Licensee under this Agreement includes the right of the Licensee to subLicense to any purchaser of the Products the right to use (but not manufacture) the Patents, Technical Information and Intellectual Property Rights.
License Property
Licensor was incorporated to, among other things, manufacture and distribute certain products and systems of Licensee in Japan in accordance with a Shareholders Agreement dated June 5, 1991.  This license is a result of Licensor buying a portion of the business of a semiconductor manufacturing equipment business and licensing back rights to Licensee.

The parties agree that the definition of Products includes subsystems related to the products (e.g. the Nison Vesper submodule) only to the extent such subsystems are incorporated in Products sold by Licensee to end-users of the Products and not to original equipment manufacturers.  Three products are covered by this agreement Spin Processor CENOTE, a single wafer wet station; Best, a wafer backside3 etcher, and Wet Station, an immersion process system.




Method of recirculation of high temperature etching solution


Cleaning/ rinsing vessel for semiconductor wafer


Method for refinig etchant


Single wafer spin etching method


Etching method with hot phosphoric acid


Composition measuring method for buffered hydrofluoric acid for semiconductor wafer etching


Regeneration treatment apparatus for etchant and etching apparatus using the same


Cleaning apparatus


Filter device with bellows damper and chemical–circulation treatment device for semiconductor wafer using the same


Semiconductor wafer cleaning system


Method of etching semiconductor wafer


Device and method for etching semiconductor wafer


Scrub cleaning device


Cleaning Equipment of wafer


Equipment and method for processing solution for semiconductor wafer


Wafer–cleaning device


The apparatus and the method of etching wafer


The apparatus of reclaiming etching liquid and method and apparatus of etching


The method of controlling the boiling chemical


The apparatus and the method of floating wafer chuck


The apparatus of wafer treatment and shaft


Etching method and equipment


Processing method and processing device before wafer inspection


Processing method and processing device before wafer inspection


Method for recirculating high–temperature etching soluthin


Method for purification of etching solution



Class of

Designated goods

The apparatus of filtering recirculation etching liquid and other chemical machines and instruments

Automatic fluid– composition control machines and instruments

The apparatus of wafer etching, chemical machines and instruments

4 Stelna
The machines of chemical reaction and machines of separation, the chemical reclaiming etching apparatus, and other chemical machine and instruments.

Remark An application shall designate one or more items of goods on which the trademark is to be used, in one class of the classification of goods, prescribed by Cabinet Order.

Product Name


Spin Processor CENOTE
Single Wafer Wet Station


                Wafer Backside Etcher

Wet Station

Immersion Process System

Field of Use
Products means any and all products, systems and subsystems now or hereafter produced by or under control of Licensee based upon the Technical Information given under this Agreement which are in the field of surface conditioning, cleaning, etch and stripping technology such as the Technical Information used in the products to this Agreement and any products, systems and subsystems to be used in the Field which will be developed, designed or invented, or otherwise acquired by Licensor in the future during the term of this Agreement.

IPSCIO Record ID: 7494

License Grant
The Licensor hereby grants to the Licensee and its affiliates a royalty bearing, paid up, non-exclusive, worldwide license under Licensor Background Technology and Licensor Development Technology to make, have made, use, sell, lease, offer for sale, offer for lease, import, and Otherwise Dispose of Licensed Products and Licensed Processes in the Field, limited to the Military Field of Use. The Licensor also grants to the Licensor the right to grant sublicenses, of the same scope (and for no longer than the term of) as the license for Licensed Products and Licensed Processes granted herein to the Licensee, to third parties.
License Property
The proprietary technology relates to integrated electronics and photonics devices (optoelectronic) on substrates, referred to as POET Technology. The POET (Planar Opto Electronic Technology) platform is a patented semiconductor fabrication process that uses gallium arsenide technology to combine electronic and optical elements on a single integrated circuit.
Field of Use
The field of use includes the information, processes, methods, devices and apparatus involved in the technology of making, designing or using integrated electronics and optoelectronic semiconductor devices on Gallium Arsenide substrates.

Gallium arsenide (GaAs) is a compound of the elements gallium and arsenic. It is a III/V semiconductor, and is used in the manufacture of devices such as microwave frequency integrated circuits, monolithic microwave integrated circuits, infrared light-emitting diodes, laser diodes, solar cells and optical windows.

IPSCIO Record ID: 28221

License Grant
This agreement is an exclusive license on the Desorption Mass Spectrometric technology as it applies to laser technology.  The Licensor, government organization, has received a patent with respect to the Desorption Mass Spectrometric technology.
License Property
U.S. Patent No. 5,543,170 entitled 'Desorption Mass Spectrometric Control of Alloy Composition During Molecular Beam Epitaxy'
Field of Use
Licensee produces high power semiconductor diode laser wafers and bars or HPDLs, and to market these products worldwide.

IPSCIO Record ID: 291104

License Grant
The Parties previously entered into three (3) technology license agreements relating to a technology known as C-4 plating technology in which certain license rights were granted to Licensee.  The Parties desire to extend the license rights previously granted.

Licensor extends the license rights granted in the C-4 Agreements for Licensee to perform Bumping on 300mm semiconductor wafers solely for Licensee only in the Dresden Facility, manufacture Licensed Products solely for Licensee only in the Dresden Facility using Bumping on 300mm semiconductor wafers, use solely for Licensee Licensed Products only in the Dresden Facility using Bumping on 300mm semiconductor wafers, sell and have sold worldwide solely under the Licensee brand name Licensed Products manufactured using Bumping on 300mm semiconductor wafers, and manufacture only in the Dresden Facility and have manufactured by Another Manufacturer for Licensee’s internal use only, any apparatus designed or modified to implement Bumping of 300mm semiconductor wafers.

Licensor grants the right to use the Licensed Technology to perform Bumping of 200mm semiconductor wafers for third parties.

The license rights extended to Licensee are nonexclusive, nontransferable and revocable.

License Property
Bumping shall have the meaning in the C-4 Plating Technology Transfer and Licensing Agreement.  Typically, Wafer bumping is an essential to flipchip or board level semiconductor packaging. Bumping is an advanced wafer level process technology where “bumps” or “balls” made of solder are formed on the wafers in a whole wafer form before the wafer is being diced into individual chips.
Field of Use
The agreement relates to the semiconductor industry.

IPSCIO Record ID: 282935

License Grant
The English Licensor grants to the Japanese Licensee, and the Licensee accepts, a non-exclusive licence under the Patents and any Know-how, upon and subject to the provisions of this Agreement
to make or manufacture LEP Devices, which devices may implement the TMA architecture and/or use the TMA algorithm (but not to manufacture or have manufactured LEP material or Total Matrix Addressing Driver Chips, or any other semiconductor device).
to make or manufacture Finished Products incorporating LEP Devices manufactured under the licensed rights granted;
to use, sell and otherwise deal in the LEP Devices and Finished Products made or manufactured in accordance with the licensed rights granted and (b) in any and all countries of the world;
to sublicense (either in whole or in part) its licensed rights to manufacture LEP Devices (as granted to a sub-contractor, for the sole purpose of having LEP Devices manufactured on Licensee’s behalf, provided that, in respect of those sub-contractors which are located outside the geographical region of Japan.
License Property
LEP means light emitting polymer material formed from an Electroluminescent Polymer.

Electroluminescent Polymer means any material deposited by solution processing that is electroluminescent and where at least one ingredient is a polymer.

LEP Device means an electronic device (which device is covered by one or more Valid Claim) in which light is generated by LEP to produce (i) a visible representation comprising Glass, a Passive Matrix Module or an Active Matrix Module, as the case may be, and (ii) backlighting to, and solely to the extent the same is necessary for, such visible representation (but excluding any lighting device intended for use primarily as a source of area illumination), which devices may be driven by a TMA Driver Chip and shall be of any resolution and shall have a viewable diagonal dimension which is either (a) equal to or in excess of Ten (10') inches, or (b) equal to less than Twenty Seven (27') inches, whichever the Licensee shall have elected prior to entering into Commercial Production, by serving prior written election on CDT in accordance with this agreement.

TMA means Total Matrix Addressing.

Patent means the patents and patent applications listed; all future patents and patent applications that may be filed by or on behalf of Licesor or a Licensor Group member which are related to LEP display architecture and/or manufacture and which Licensor or a Licensor Group member exclusively owns or jointly owns, has an unrestricted right and ability to grant licenses thereto and such right to grant licences is not conditional upon Licensor or a Licensor Group member making any form of payment or other form of compensation to any relevant third party; and any extension of any such patent and any patent obtained in pursuance of any such application.

4,923,288 – Optical modulators based on polymers
5,247,190 – Electroluminescent devices
5,399,502 – Method of manufacturing of electrolumineschent devices

Finished Product means any article (whether or not complete) produced by or for the Licensee or any member of the Licensee’s Group which incorporates an LEP Device and additional components.

Total Matrix Addressing Driver Chips means row and column driver chips interfacing with either a separate or integrated processor chip capable of running any non-negative matrix factorisation algorithm (or any other algorithm that gives positive values) such that the said row and column driver chips can drive more than one row and column at a time within one subframe. (“TMA Driver Chips” shall be construed accordingly). Total Matrix Addressing is a a form of passive matrix driving where more than one row is addressed at a time, resulting in reduced power consumption and extended panel lifetime.

Field of Use
This agreement pertains to the semiconductor industry.

IPSCIO Record ID: 3598

License Grant
The Company entered into an additional Agreement acquiring an Exclusive License to manufacture, sell and provide services and parts support for certain reactive ion etch semiconductor manufacturing equipment for wafer sized up to 200mm now marketed under the ASI trade names Arista and Arista Dual.
License Property
Products as used herein shall mean certain reactive ion etch semiconductor manufacturing equipment for wafer sizes up to 200mm under the trade names Bobcat 209 or Cheetah (limited to such equipment that includes at least one reactive ion etch chamber) including software, components and parts therefor.
Field of Use
Dry strip semiconductor manufacturing equipment As part of the chip creation process, a light sensitive, polymer-based liquid, called photoresist, is spread in a uniformly thin film on the wafer in pattern creating a stencil effect. Photostabilization uses ultraviolet light to harden, or cure, the photoresist so that it is more effective in maintaining the desired pattern during the subsequent implant processes and etch steps (in which the top layer of the surface of the wafer not covered by photoresist is removed). After these steps, the photoresist is no longer.

IPSCIO Record ID: 315856

License Grant
Licensor grants an exclusive license for the life of the patents to use, import, export, sell and offer to sell, but not to make, any Licensor Materials supplied or developed under this Agreement, only in the Field.
License Property
Photomasks are high-purity quartz or glass plates containing precision images of integrated circuits and are used as masters by semiconductor manufacturers to optically transfer these images onto semiconductor wafers. Photomasks are a necessary component in the production of semiconductors.

Licensor is currently the only photomask manufacturer in the world that also manufactures photoblanks and pellicles, the principal components of photomasks.

Field of Use
The field is the area of advanced photomask technology, such as photomasks, blanks and pellicles.  The technology is used in photolithography for microelectronic applications, including pellicles for optical markets, and specifically the semiconductor industry.

IPSCIO Record ID: 7493

License Grant
The Licensor, a University, hereby grants to the Licensee an exclusive as to all parties, including Licensor, world-wide, transferable License in the Field, with the unrestricted right to subLicense at any tier to any person or party under the Patent Rights, to discover, develop, make, have made, import, have imported, use, have used, sell, have sold, offer for sale, have offered for sale, and otherwise exploit Products and to practice all other applications; and to copy, use, display, prepare derivative works of, and distribute all of any portion of Related Technology.
License Property
Product means any optoelectronic component or device for any product or any process in the Field, whose manufacture, use, sale or import would, absent the license granted hereunder, infringe one or more claims of the Patent Rights.

The Licensor has been engaged in basic research in the field of gallium arsenide-based technology for development of integrated optoelectronic components, and devices for communication.

Gallium arsenide (GaAs) is a compound of the elements gallium and arsenic. It is a III/V semiconductor, and is used in the manufacture of devices such as microwave frequency integrated circuits, monolithic microwave integrated circuits, infrared light-emitting diodes, laser diodes, solar cells and optical windows.

Field of Use
Field means all optical, electronic, and optoelectronic integrated circuit applications, including but not limited to components and devices for communications, computing, and imaging.
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