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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 5

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IPSCIO Record ID: 164955

License Grant
The Licensors of The Netherlands Antilles grants Licensee the Exclusive Right to exploit, such as but not limited to construction, production, marketing, sale, trade, rent, lease and/or operation, the Licensor Concept, utilize the intellectual property rights and know how with respect to the Licensor concept, such as but not  limited to copyrights, patent rights, design rights, whether registered or not,  and all relevant documentation and information,  provided by Licensor to Licensee for the purpose of the exploitation of the Licensor Concept.
License Property
The airship concept is a hydrocarbon powered LTA vehicle, having a fabric covered structure comprised of  longitudinal girders and polygonal transverse frames having control surfaces situated at the rear and having its unpressurised lifting gas content divided into separate cellular units.

Licensee is allowed to construct,  produce and/or have constructed and/or have produced Airships on the basis of the Airship Concept in the USA. Licensee shall construct and produce and/or have constructed and have produced at least 4 (four)  Airships on the basis of the Airship Concept per year.

Field of Use
This agreement is for the transportation/air travel industry.

The Licensee has entered the business of alternative air transportation carriers in the form of operating, marketing, and manufacturing classic Rigid Airships. Designed to operate in the lower altitude below 5,000 feet, which is nearly free of commercial air traffic, the first Rigid Airships will convey 150 passengers. Cruising at approximately 75 miles per hour, the Rigid Airship employs six engines which power large, slowly-turning propellers, producing only a small fraction of the noise level common to conventional commercial aircraft. Distinctly different from pressurized airships known as blimps, the Rigid Airship's rigid structure provides hull space for the comforts associated with ocean cruise ships.

IPSCIO Record ID: 1120

License Grant
This Agreement is between a Company and an operating subsidiary which is the Licensee.  The Company  has the exclusive world wide right and license to manufacture the Airships according to the U.S and Canadian patents owned by Licensee, a Canadian corporation.  Right to Market and Sell the Company Manufactured Airships  Subject to the SRC agreement,  the exclusive world-wide right to market airships for governmental applications and the non-exclusive world-wide right to market airships for telecommunication applications  (subject to the rights, if any possessed by Sanswire)  will be awarded to Licensee  through a  sales/marketing agreement substantially as set forth in this Agreement.
License Property
The Company manufactures, constructs, and assembles Low, Medium and High altitude airships and Licensee, for the purpose of this Agreement, primarily is engaged in marketing  and sales to federal, state and local government agencies and the various Military branches.

The Parties desire to set forth their understanding as to the marketing efforts to be undertaken and the method of purchasing of the Prototype Airship by Licensee.

The marketing agreement with Licensee will be subject to Licensee's ability to produce sales which will meet the financial  requirements  imposed on the Company as contained in the License Agreement  with Licensor, whose application sections are attached hereto in the Agreement.

Note  On September 19, 2005, the Licensee consummated a transaction with the Company which resulted in the Company becoming the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary. Pursuant to a plan of reorganization and agreement of merger, dated September 19, 2005, Licensee (the Sub) merged into the Company, the separate existence of the Sub ceased, and the Company became the surviving corporation.

As previously discussed, through the Company, the Company (Licensee} has acquired the world-wide right to license the proprietary technology of Licensor.

Field of Use
Licensee desires to exclusively market and sell Airships manufactured by the Company to Government Units and  non-exclusively to telecommunications entities and furthermore, the Company desires to utilize the experience and expertise of Licensee to sell Airships to Government Units.

IPSCIO Record ID: 1683

License Grant
The Company entered into a Cooperative Agreement for lighter than air technology (stratospheric satellite vehicles) that could be applied to airborne platforms with a capability to fly at altitudes above 50,000 feet for periods of several months; airships have certain characteristics that would make them effective as communications platforms.

IPSCIO Record ID: 116377

License Grant
Under the terms of the licensing agreement, Licensee has an international non-exclusive license with Licensor to develop and market the COAST technology.  Licensor appointed Licensee as its non-exclusive master licensee for the manufacture, sales and distribution of products derived from the suspension technology for the entire world subject  to its performance of the terms of the agreement.
License Property
COAST means Computer Optimized Adaptive Suspension Technology.  The COAST system is covered by patents that provide for a 17-20 year protection of the technology.  These patents are related to computer-controlled suspension systems, dampers, positions switches, or vehicle leveling and height control used on automobiles, trucks, and motor coaches.
4,722,548 – Computer optimized adaptive suspension system having combined shock absorber/air spring unit
4,651,838 – Air spring control system and method
4,677,263 – Air spring position switch
5,529,152 -Variable constant force hydraulic components and systems
Field of Use
This agreement pertains to the transportation industry.

IPSCIO Record ID: 1682

License Grant
The Company has an option to acquire an exclusive license to any inventions related to conventionally powered and microwave powered unmanned aircraft/airship systems for commercial applications in the telecommunications industry from a research university.
License Property
The Skysat System utilizing such Caltech Inventions.
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