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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 6

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IPSCIO Record ID: 152

License Grant
Licensor hereby grants to Licensee an exclusive, non-transferable, world-wide, royalty-bearing license under the PointSource Intellectual Property Rights, for the Term.
License Property
The Licensed Products consist of any scattered-radiation-based products used to detect or classify microorganisms in water (including our BioSentry product) and any other product that is within the scope of the Licensed PointSource patents.

'LICENSED PRODUCT' shall mean any scattered-radiation-based product used to detect or classify microorganisms in water (including, without limitation, JMAR's BioSentry product and successors and replacements thereof) or any product that falls within the scope of, or utilizes any method or process which falls within the scope of, any of the claims of the licensed patents, or that incorporates, or is itself, the subject invention of any of the licensed patents, now or hereafter made or used, imported, leased, sold or otherwise disposed of, by or on behalf of JMAR (including any finished product and any finished product used in the manufacture of another product).

        TITLE                PATENT NO.          

'Identification of Particles in Fluid'       6,774,995
'Identification of Particles in Fluid'       6,519,033
'Particle Detection Beam'                    6,628,386
'Plano Convex Fluid Carrier For Scattering Correction' (Fluid  Carrier For Scatter Detection)                             6,573,992

'Flow Through LightScattering Device'        6,590,652                                  
'High Detection Rate Particle Identifier'       10/412,100  
'Unsupervised Learning  Detect New Class In Field'       6,819,421                                  
'Optical Sensor Module Tester'        10/394,986
'Particulate Info To Field Units'         10/393,459
'Holographic Spherical  Lenses'          6,760,107
'Solubilizer/Dispersant For Insoluble Organics That Is Harmless For  Bacteria'     60/572,937
'Automatic Adaption Of  Background Signature'      60/602,612
'Particle ID With  Narrow Angle Detectors'     10/834,516

IPSCIO Record ID: 552

License Grant
The License Agreement provides for the transfer to licensee of certain trademarks and rights to certain designs and data related to the BioSentry product, plus the grant of an exclusive, perpetual, worldwide license to use certain technology covered in a pending utility patent application filed by licensor in January 2005 with the United States Patent & Trademark Office entitled Continuous On-Line Real-Time Surveillance System.
License Property
The License Agreement provides for the transfer of all rights of 1) the trademarks 'BioScanner,' 'BioSentry' and 'CORTS'; 2) their rights, if any, in JMAR’s license agreement with NASA; 3) designs, software, lab notebooks, drawings, notes, algorithms, data and other documents and information related to the CORTS (BioSentry) system.

CORTS (BioSentry) system is used for the detection of microorganisms in water.

Field of Use
The scope of this license is limited to the use of light scattering for detection of microorganism contamination and other particles in water.

IPSCIO Record ID: 291127

License Grant
The Canadian University grants to Licensee the exclusive right and license in the Territory for the Field of Use to practice under the Patent Rights and Know-How, and to the extent not prohibited by other patents, to make, have made, use, maintain, execute, copy, market, lease and sell Licensed Products during the Agreement Term.
License Property
A patent application was filed for the Universal Gas Detector technology (priority claimed by United States Provisional Application 60/041,653).

Universal Gas Sensor Patent Application Filed Non-provisional United States patent application entitled A Universal Gas Sensor for the Selective Detection of Toxic Chemicals and Combustable Gases

Field of Use
The technology is intended to selectively detect any reducing gas or oxidizing gas and/or their vapors, and involves a detecting system that can be designed to use any commercially available sensor head.

The Licensee's sensors are used for detection of hydrogen, the most plentiful element on the earth. Hydrogen is one of two major elements of water, which covers over 60% of the planet.

IPSCIO Record ID: 5153

License Grant
We acquired the exclusive worldwide rights to the cryptosporidium detection system from the University.
License Property
A method and apparatus for the detection and classification of microorganisms in water as set forth in US Patent No. 5,616,457.

Cryptosporidium is an intestinal parasite that can live in the digestive tracts of humans and livestock.  It has been found in over 95% of all surface waters that have been tested worldwide.  These organisms are transmitted by drinking infected water and can cause gastrointestinal illnesses of varying severity.

Field of Use
The rights granted apply to water.

IPSCIO Record ID: 368501

License Grant
Licensor grants the exclusive worldwide right and license, under the Licensed Patents and Licensor Technical Information, to manufacture, have made, use, develop, sell, and have sold Licensed Products within the DP Field in the Territory during the Agreement Term.

Licensor grants the nonexclusive worldwide right and license, under the Licensed Patents and Licensor Technical Information, to manufacture, have made, use, develop, sell, and have sold Licensed Products within the Military Field in the Territory during the Agreement Term.

License Property
Licensor is the owner of certain patents, patent applications, inventions, and licenses and possesses certain technical information and know-how relating to systems for processing polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology and other nucleic acid-based analysis methods for both integrated military bioagent detection systems and for hand-held bioagent detection instruments.

Amplification/Detection Technology means Licensors technologies for facilitating the process of chemically multiplying the numbers of target sequences of DNA or RNA in order to facilitate their identification or detection using fluorescent labels or similar approaches.

Applicable Cepheid technologies include, but are not limited to I-CORE Modules, reaction tubes, and proprietary Reagents.

Fluidics/Lysing Technology means Licensors technologies for fluid handling and processing as applied to the preparation of samples for DNA or RNA based analysis, including filtration, lysing of cells or cellular organisms, capture and purification of DNA or RNA, mixing of sample with Reagents, and delivery to a reaction tube or chamber.

Hand-Held System means an integrated system for detection of DNA or RNA sequences that employs PCR or other thermally controlled nucleic acid amplification methods; contains between one and eight reaction sites; carries out the processes of amplification, detection, analysis, reporting, and user interface all in one case or housing; is capable of operating on battery power; and may or may not employ fluidic sample preparation cartridges that are designed for integrated use with the system.

I-CORE Module means a Licensor proprietary nucleic acid amplification Module comprised of a single site, discrete, individually controllable heater sleeve containing a heater element and designed to accept a disposable reaction tube or cartridge, an integrated cooling mechanism, such as a fan, that enables passage of ambient or cooled air across the heater sleeve, and optical blocks containing solid state components that enable optical interrogation of the reaction solution in the reaction tube or cartridge, as it may be modified and improved from time to time.

Integrated Military Bioagent Detection System means a system comprised of distinct component parts, each capable of carrying out a specific phase of a complete field-based, non-laboratory-based analysis for the presence of Bioagents, with component parts that include, but are not limited to, sample collection (usually air samples) component, nucleic acid-based analysis component (identifier), and reporter/data transmitter component.

Patents relate to Amplification/Detection Technology, and, Fluidics and/or Lysing Technology.

Field of Use
The collaboration agreement is for the  development of biological agent detection systems for use in military and security applications.

The Licensed Fields means the DP Field and the Military Field.  DP Field in this Agreement, means Hand Held Systems for the domestic preparedness and military markets.  Military Field means Integrated Military Bioagent Detection Systems for use by governmental military customers only for the detection of Bioagents, excluding Hand-Held Systems.

IPSCIO Record ID: 26139

License Grant
The University hereby grants to Company during the Term of this Agreement an exclusive license within the Territory, limited to the Field, with the right to sublicense, to make, modify, reproduce, have made, lease, use, distribute, market, promote, sell, offer for sale, license and otherwise dispose of and exploit the Products, practice the Processes, and offer the Services under the Technology, the Know-how and/or the Patents and Improvements.
License Property
“Technology” means MSU Invention Disclosure No. 05068 “Nanoporous Silicon-Based Electrochemical DNA Biosensor”.

“Patents” means any and all patent applications (including any amendments or extensions to the initial applications) filed in any country of the world by or on behalf of MSU claiming the Technology and/or any patents maturing from such patent applications. Patents and patent applications claiming the technology at the time of execution of this Agreement include, without limitation, United States provisional patent application 60/704,550 titled “Nanoporous Silicon-Based Electrochemical DNA Biosensor”, filed August 2, 2005.

Field of Use
“Field” means use of the Technology (and Know-how) limited to detection of Escherichia and Salmonella bacteria.
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