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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 5

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IPSCIO Record ID: 139696

License Grant
The Company entered into the agreement with the Licensor for the sale and  installation of preformed PVC thermoplastic pipe under the NuPipe(R) process and  trademark.
License Property
The process is rehabilitating underground sewers and other pipelines, principally using cured-in-place pipe ('CIPP') processes.
Field of Use
This agreement pertains to the construction industry.

IPSCIO Record ID: 179834

License Grant
Japanese Licensor hereby grants to Licensee the exclusive license to use the Installation Technology in the territory. In this case for rehabilitating sewers, tunnels, pipelines or other passageways in the Application only, unless otherwise agreed, and on the terms as follows.
License Property
Licensor developed PALTEM HOSE LINING System (commonly called PALTEM-HL System) for gas pipes of main and small main, and independently developed PALTEM-HL System for other applications such as potable water, sewers, power cable, oil, telecommunication cable and plants. TG independently has developed PALTEM-HL System for service of pipes of gas.

'Ancillary Materials' means the disposable or semi-disposable materials, required for the PALTEM Systems.

'Apollo-Liner' means a liner with freely-overlapping edges formed from a light curable pre-impregnated composite material sheet used as a point lining material developed by AICL for use with the PALTEM-APOLLO System.

'FREPP-Liner' means a liner made by externally and internally extrusion-coating cylindrically-woven material with thermoplastic resin used as a pipe lining material developed by AICL for use with the PALTEM-FREPP System.

'Liners' means, collectively, the PAL-Liner, the MARCH-Liner, and the FREPP-Liner.

'Manufacturing Intellectual Property Rights' means any patents, utility design, copyright and trademark existing, applied for, registered in or otherwise effective in or affecting the Territory from time to time, and owned and controlled by AICL alone, or AICL and AE, or AICL and TG relating to the manufacturing method and/or structure of the Liners including the patents and patent applications.

'Manufacturing Know-How' means the expertise, practice, experience and technical knowledge of industrial significance built up by AICL which is necessary for the manufacture of the Liners.

'Manufacturing Technology' means the Manufacturing Intellectual Property Rights and the Manufacturing Know-How.

'MARCH-Liner' means a liner made by externally extrusion- coating non-woven material with thermoplastic resin used as a pipe lining material developed by AICL for use with the PALTEM-MARCH System.

'Materials' means the Liners, the SZ-Liner, the APOLLO-Liner, resin, adhesive and materials required for end treatment used with the PALTEM Systems.

'PAL-Liner' means a liner made by externally extrusion-coating cylindrically woven material with thermoplastic resin or having non-woven material and/or other suitable materials inside of the extrusion-coated woven material, or other appropriate liners used as a lining material developed by AICL for use with the PALTEM-HL System.

'PALTEM-APOLLO System' means the patent pending process for point repair by pulling the APOLLO-Robot together with the APOLLO- Liner into the pipe, inflating and light-curing to form a new rigid pipe at the spot to be repaired, including PALTEM-APOLLO-LAC System forming a new pipe at a joint of the lateral and the pipe and reconnecting the lateral.

'PALTEM-FREPP System' means the patent pending process for restoration of pipes by pulling the FREPP-Liner into the pipe and inflating to form a new rigid pipe within the pipe.

'PALTEM-HL System' means the patented process for restoration of pipes by adhesive application or resin impregnation, turning the adhesive coated or resin impregnated PAL-Liner inside out by compressed air within the pipe to insert PAL-Liner into the pipe, and affixing the same to the inner surface of the pipe with the adhesive, or forming a new rigid pipe within the pipe with curing resin by heat.

'PALTEM-LACSTOP System' means the process comprising of PALTEM-SZ-LAC System and PALTEM-APOLLO-LAC System.

'PALTEM-MARCH System' means the process for restoration of pipes by resin impregnation, turning the resin impregnated MARCH- Liner inside out by compressed air within the pipe to insert the MARCH-Liner into the pipe, and forming a new rigid pipe within the pipe with curing resin by heat.

'PALTEM-SZ System' means the patented process for restoration of pipes by pulling SZ-Liner into the pipe, inflating, and forming a new rigid pipe, within the pipe, with curing resin by heat, including PALTEM-SZ-LAC forming a new pipe within a lateral using the SZ liner.

'PALTEM Systems' means, collectively, the PALTEM-HL System, the PALTEM-SZ System, the PALTEM-APOLLO System, the PALTEM-LACSTOP System, the PALTEM-MARCH System and the PALTEM-FREPP System.

'PREMIX' means Premix, Inc., incorporated under applicable law of Ohio and having its principal office at Route 20 and Harmon Road, North Kingsville, Ohio 44068, U.S.A.

Patents and Patents Applications
1) US Pat. No. 4,334,943  Method for smoothly evaginating Canada Pat. No. 1,158,849 tubular material under pressure

2) US Pat. No. 4,350,548  Method and apparatus for providing the inner surface of a pipe line with a lining

3) US Pat. No. 4,882,470  Boring device for opening passage to branch portions of a lined main pipe line

4) US Pat. No. 4,883,557  Method for lining pipelines with a pressurized gas 4,948,452  Apparatus for lining pipe lines including liquid seal means

5) US Pat. No. 5,197,540  Boring device for lining material in branched portions of lined conduit

1) US Pat. No. 4,600,615  Tubular lining material and a method and apparatus for manufacturing same 4,871,413  Apparatus for manufacturing tubular lining material

2) US Pat. No. 4,681,783  Tubular lining material for pipe lines

3) US Pat. No. 4,684,556  Tubular lining material for pipe lines

4) US Pat. No. 4,877,665  Lining material for pipe lines

5) US Pat. No. 5,077,107  Lining material for pipe lines

IPSCIO Record ID: 179266

License Grant
The Licensee has been granted the exclusive rights to use the patents, trademarks and know-how related to the PALTEM-HL system (for all of North America).
The Licensee acquired, from the Japanese Licensor, the exclusive license to offer the PALTEM-HL(R) and PALTEM-SZ(R) systems of pipeline rehabilitation in substantially all of North America and the exclusive right in the territory to utilize and sell materials manufactured by the Licensor for use in pipeline rehabilitation.
License Property
Pipeline Automatic Lining System for trenchless lining of pipes.

PALTEM (Pipeline Automatic Lining SysTEM) is a type of trenchless technique for rehabilitating buried pipelines—such as those carrying gas, potable water, sewage, agricultural water, telecommunications signals, or electricity—without having to dig up the pipe.

Field of Use
The Licensee rehabilitates and improves pipelines in twelve states using the PALTEM-HL system.

IPSCIO Record ID: 1407

License Grant
Until September 5, 2003, the Licensee held six sub-License Agreements with the Licensor which granted Liensee the right to perform the Insituform process in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and three counties of Kentucky. The Agreements were for the life of the patents or the patent rights unless sooner terminated by a specified action of either party.
License Property
The Insituform process is suited for wastewater pipeline repair and can be used to rehabilitate sanitary sewers, storm sewers and force mains.

IPSCIO Record ID: 27112

License Grant
The Company had the right to practice certain claims with respect to piping used in the Enviroflex and Omniflex system pursuant to an exclusive worldwide license with respect to patents.
License Property
Enviroflex(R) is a flexible double-wall pipe for the conveyance and secondary containment of motor vehicle fuels from underground storage tanks to product dispensers.
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