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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 9

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IPSCIO Record ID: 138291

License Grant
Canadian Licensor hereby grants to Licensee, and the Licensee accepts, an exclusive, royalty-bearing license, with the right to sub-license, in the Licensed Field and under this Agreement further advance and commercialize the Tomahawk electric vehicle, import, make, have made, use, and sell Licensed Products in the Territory.
License Property
Licensor has developed and possesses valuable information, knowhow and intellectual property relating to the design, engineering, and manufacture of high-performance fully electric vehicles on a universal platform and chassis.

'Licensed Subject Matter' means inventions and discoveries covered by Patent Rights or Technology Rights which are within the Licensed Field

The intellectual property and know-how is related to the design, development, and manufacturing of fully electric vehicles on a universal platform, chassis and body design developed by the Licensor.  These intellectual property assets include Chassis; battery; BMS (battery management system), ECM (electronic control module); gearbox; suspension; seat; seat rail; seat belt; door hinge; Tomahawk design; engineering; Dubuc platform; sales and marketing rights; and know how.

Development Work and Documentation related to Product Development, Design, Specification, Drawings, Records, Production Validation, Engineering Prototypes and Validation of but not limited to
BMS (Battery Management System);
ECM (Electronic Control Module);
Seat Rail;
Seat belt; and
Door Hinge.
of the Tomahawk electric vehicle.

Field of Use
'Licensed Field' means the business of (i) designing, manufacturing and selling electric vehicles, including steering, suspension, braking, engine, occupant safety, electronic and electro-mechanical components, modules and systems, engineered fastening and other components and systems for passenger cars, light trucks, commercial vehicles and other land-based motor vehicles, including inflatable restraint, seat belt and steering wheel components and systems; braking components, systems and related products; steering and suspension systems and components; chassis components, modules and integrated vehicle control systems; vehicle dynamic control systems and electronics; access, security and safety electronics systems; display and heating, ventilating and air conditioning electronics; engineered and plastic fasteners and precision plastic moldings and assemblies; engine components and systems; commercial steering systems and components and (ii) providing services, including but not limited to design services, logistics services, assembly services, warranty administration services, technical support services and diagnostic services, reasonably related or incidental to the development, manufacture, sale, or distribution of products for motor vehicles.

IPSCIO Record ID: 177399

License Grant
Pursuant to an agreement where the Korean Licensee granted to Licensor the fleet EV contract utilizing  Panther(tm)60 systems and the MPV Production Phase 1 contract utilizing Panthertm90 systems, if Licensee decides not to purchase shares in Licnesor

Then Licensor shall grant to Licensee a manufacturing and distribution license to the Panthertm systems, as defined in the November 1995 business plan, including upgrades developed by Licensor.

The manufacturing and distribution licenses to the Panthertm systems shall be exclusive to Licensee.  The licenses shall include the right to make or have made the Panthertm hardwares.

Licensor will support Licensee and/or Licensees appointed manufacturer in setting up production lines,  processes, procedures, and automated testing of Panthertm products.  This support will include assistance with production and test of subassemblies, units, and complete systems.  Licensor will also assist Licensee and/or Licensees appointed manufacturer with procurement of components,  including the development and qualification of sources for unique electric vehicle and Panthertm system electronic components.

License Property
PantherTM systems, is designed to provide all the functionality one would find under the hood of an internal combustion engine powered vehicle. The Panther system consists of an enhanced electric motor and the electronic controls that regulate the flow of electricity to and from the batteries at various voltages and power to propel the vehicle. In addition to the motor and controller, the system includes a gear reduction/differential unit. The system is designed to be installed in a 'drop in,' fully integrated turnkey fashion, or on a modular, 'as-needed' basis.

The license shall apply only to systems manufactured by Licensee and/or Licensees appointed manufacturer, for use within vehicles or for use as spare parts for such vehicles built by Licensee or built by subsidiaries owned more than 50% by Licensee, or for use within vehicles or for use as spare parts for such vehicles assembled by any company from completely knocked down (CKD) kits built by Licensee or built by subsidiaries owned more than 50% by Licensee.

USE/SC is a leader in electric vehicles and drivetrains.

Field of Use
This agreement is in the field of electric vehicle technology.  Licensee is the leader in electric vehicle technology in Korea.  This agreement relates to the automotive industry.

IPSCIO Record ID: 117718

License Grant
Licensor will license its technology and know-how for Road Worthy electric vehicles to Indian Licensee, a joint venture Indian Private Limited Company, which will include (1) exclusive rights to manufacture and sell the REVA in the Territory, (2) exclusive license to all of Licensor's patents related to its Energy Management System, Climate Control Seat System and Electric Vehicle Safety Systems for all electric vehicles manufactured in the Territory and (3) exclusive license to all of Licensor's current and future electric vehicle technology in connection with the manufacture and sale of electric vehicles in the Territory.
License Property
Licensor has developed, designed and tested preproduction prototypes of an electric powered automobile known as the 'REVA' (the 'REVA') and has manufactured REVA vehicles is small quantities.

This letter sets forth our agreement with respect to the formation, capitalization and operation of a proposed joint venture company which will design, manufacture, test, distribute, sell, and service Road Worthy (as defined below) electric powered vehicles (collectively, the 'Products') in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar, Seychelles and the Maldives (collectively, the 'Territory')

Field of Use
This agreement pertains to the automotive industry, specifically electric powered vehicles.

IPSCIO Record ID: 167691

License Grant
The Canadian Licensor hereby sells, transfers, conveys, assigns and delivers to Licensee all of its right, title and interest in and to all of the Licensor Technology, and Licensee hereby assumes and agrees to pay, perform and discharge as and when due any and all liabilities and obligations arising out of or with respect to the Licensor Technology, whether known or unknown, accrued or to accrue.
License Property
Licensor Technology shall mean all Technology developed by or on behalf of Licensor on or prior to the date hereof for the expressed benefit of Licensee or its Affiliates pursuant to written contracts between Licensor (or its Affiliates) and Licensee (or its Affiliates).

Technology shall mean all of the right, title and interest of Licensee and its Affiliates in and to all of the inventions, trademarks, patents, trade names, copyrights, know-how, intellectual property, software, shop rights, licenses, developments, research data, designs, technology, discoveries, trade secrets, test procedures, processes, formulas and other confidential information and other similar intangible property rights, whether or not patentable (or otherwise subject to legally enforceable restrictions or protections against unauthorized third party use), and any and all applications for, and extensions, divisions and reissuances of any of the foregoing, and rights therein, owned by or otherwise employed in or related to Licensee and its Affiliates or to the respective businesses conducted thereby, but only insofar as such technology is related to permanent magnet motors and the controllers for permanent magnet motors.

Patents means all currently existing and future, domestic and foreign patents and patent applications owned in whole or in part or utilized by Licensee that disclose and claim Technology related to permanent magnet motors and the controllers for permanent magnet motors, including, without limitation (i) United States Patent Number 5,004,944 titled 'Lightweight High Power Electromagnetic Transducer' and a continuation of such patent filed October 11, 1990, under serial number 596371, (ii) United States Patent Number 5,107,151 titled 'Improved Switching Circuit Employing Electronic Device in Series with an Inductor to Avoid Communication Breakdown' and continuation of such patent filed November 19, 1991, under serial number 794679, (iii) United States Patent Number 4,216,839 issued August 12, 1980 titled 'Electricity Powered Motor Vehicle,' and (iv) United States Patent Application Number 937,311filed September 1, 1992, titled 'Stator and Method of constructing same for High Power Density Electric Motors and Generators,' and, with respect to all such patents and patent applications, all related continuation, continuation-in-part or divisional applications, corresponding domestic and foreign applications and domestic and foreign patents issuing therefrom, and all revisions, reapplications and reissues thereof, whether now or hereafter existing.

Field of Use
This agreement relates to electromagnetic transducers being able to operate a highly efficient motor, alternator or generator.

IPSCIO Record ID: 875

License Grant
Licensor hereby grants to Licensee, within the CC Exclusive Licensed Field, an exclusive license, with the right to grant sublicenses, under the CleanFutures Patents and CleanFutures Technology during the License Period to make, have made, use, sell, have sold, offer for sale and import Licensed Products and any other products that incorporate CleanFutures Technology throughout the world.
License Property
Licensor represents that it has developed unique engine assist technology.  Licensor represents that it has developed and possesses valuable information and intellectual property pertaining to the intelligent application of energy of an electric motor to assist an internal combustion engine via a belt drive attached to the engine crank-shaft pulley.

“CleanFutures Technology” shall mean the components that incorporate proprietary and unique technology created, developed or acquired by CleanFutures that increase the performance and or economy of an engine through the addition of a battery, electric motor, motor control system, and belt harnessing method to the engine crank-shaft.

A System Patent (Dual Fuel Plug-in Hybrid) Provisional Patent # 61587987.

Field of Use
The Licensee is primarily engaged in developing a technology that it believes may reduce overall fuel expenses in commercial fleet vehicles by augmenting existing power trains with highly efficient electrical energy delivered by electric motors powered by modular plug-in battery modules.

In accordance with the License Agreement, the License has agreed to provide the Licensee, within the original equipment, service parts and aftermarket passenger automobile, light truck, field, heavy truck industries and any other automotive sector (with the exception of the hummer market), an exclusive license, with the right to grant sublicenses, under the Licensor's patents and  technology, to make, have made, use, sell or import any products using the Licensor's dual-fuel, plugin hybrid technology (Provisional Patent #61587).

IPSCIO Record ID: 116377

License Grant
Under the terms of the licensing agreement, Licensee has an international non-exclusive license with Licensor to develop and market the COAST technology.  Licensor appointed Licensee as its non-exclusive master licensee for the manufacture, sales and distribution of products derived from the suspension technology for the entire world subject  to its performance of the terms of the agreement.
License Property
COAST means Computer Optimized Adaptive Suspension Technology.  The COAST system is covered by patents that provide for a 17-20 year protection of the technology.  These patents are related to computer-controlled suspension systems, dampers, positions switches, or vehicle leveling and height control used on automobiles, trucks, and motor coaches.
4,722,548 – Computer optimized adaptive suspension system having combined shock absorber/air spring unit
4,651,838 – Air spring control system and method
4,677,263 – Air spring position switch
5,529,152 -Variable constant force hydraulic components and systems
Field of Use
This agreement pertains to the transportation industry.

IPSCIO Record ID: 27214

License Grant
The Licensee patented ECM is believed to be the industry's first self-tuning fuel injection control module.
License Property
With the ECM, an engine builder or an aftermarket engine service provider, can configure the engine to suit its application and let the ECM automatically provide the right fuel mixtures, at the right injection times, for the unique demands of the engine and applications. Using advanced microprocessor components and control software techniques which techniques are the subject of a pending patent application the ECM continuously adjusts fueling to the optimum power point for all engine speeds and loads.

Electronic Control Module – electronic device used in the fuel injection system that coordinates the proper mixture of fuel and air; enhance the performance of fuel injection systems.

Field of Use
Licensee is a distributor of microcomputer hardware, peripherals and related communication products to resellers.

IPSCIO Record ID: 240592

License Grant
The Australian Licensor hereby grants, and Licensee hereby accepts, the right to

manufacture the Licensee Manufactured Components;

source the Licensee Sourced Components and the Optionally Sourced Components; and

sell the Licensee Manufactured Components, Licensee Sourced Components and Optionally Sourced Components;

Licensor grants the manufacturing rights that are owned and available from Licensor or transferred from SYNERJECT to Licensor, for the Licensor Direct Fuel Injection System components (Licensee Manufactured Components).    

During the Royalty Payment Period, Licensee agree not to grant to another supplier the right to sell the Licensor Direct Fuel Injection System to the Licensed Customers for use in Licensed Vehicles in the Licensed Sales Territory.

License Property
OCP Technology (Licensor Combustion Process Technology) shall be Licensor patents and know-how relating to the Licensor combustion process and associated air assisted direct injection system as they are available and applicable to 2 stroke engines for application to Licensed Vehicles.

Licensee Manufactured Components shall mean Licensor Direct Fuel Injection System components identified
Air compressor; Piston fuel pump; Throttle body assembly (excluding the Throttle Position Sensor); Fuel rail assembly ( excluding the fuel injector and fuel .pressure
regulator); ECU Hardware, and ECU Software.

UCAL Sourced Components identified
ECU Hardware, Software, Direct Injector; Fuel Injector; Fuel pressure regulator (SYNERJECT type).

Optionally Sourced Components identified
Ignition coil; Engine temperature sensor; throttle Position Sensor; Oil pump.

Licensed Vehicle shall mean 2 and 3 wheeler motor vehicles incorporating a 2 stroke OCP technology engine and tested on the Indian Drive Cycle, but does not include 4 wheeled passenger car vehicles.

Licensor Direct Fuel Injection System shall mean the current Licensor air assisted direct fuel injection system components and including any Licensee improvements thereof.

Field of Use
This agreement pertains to the automotive industry.

IPSCIO Record ID: 5007

License Grant
The Licensor grants to the Canadian Licensee the Patent Rights and Technical Information.
License Property
The proprietary invention is designated as the 'Improved Bus Seat Safety Restraint'.

The preferred safety restraint will comprise a padded U-shaped bar.  The bar has indexed stops at stowed, in-use and lower locked positions.  It is an object that the bar lock and restrain the passenger when the vehicle experiences a side or front collision, or if the vehicle rolls over.  It is a further object that the bar have a single, fixed pivot point.  The preferred bar will further comprise a padded thigh pad that is height-adjustable to provide greater comfort to a wide variety of body shapes and sizes.  It is a still further object that the restraint bar system be installable on both new and existing buses and the like.

Field of Use
This invention relates generally to vehicle passenger safety restraints and, more specifically, to an Improved Bus Seat Safety Restraint.
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