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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 13

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IPSCIO Record ID: 1370

License Grant
The Company acquired exclusive worldwide rights to the GliaSite® Radiation Therapy System.

Licensor is willing to grant Licensee rights to the Licensor IP in the Territory with a limited field of use of intracavity radiation therapy (brachytherapy) of the brain (“Exclusive Field of Use”).

License Property
the GliaSite® Radiation Therapy System, the only FDA-cleared balloon catheter device used in the treatment of brain cancer.

GliaSite® Radiation Therapy System (RTS) is for the treatment of brain cancer, i.e. primary and recurrent gliomas and metastic brain tumors.  Specifically, the intended use of GliaSite® RTS is the management of surgically resectable brain tumors where adjuvant radiation therapy of the post-resection tissue bed is indicated.

IPSCIO Record ID: 1366

License Grant
This Royalty Agreement is for the Licensed Intellectual Property related to the GliaSite Radiation Therapy System.

The Company has the exclusive use of its intellectual property in the field of treating brain cancer related to the production of Lotrex, which is a component of the GliaSite Radiation Therapy System.

License Property
The initial royalty year began on January 1, 2012.

Lotrex is a radioactive liquid solution used in the treatment of brain cancer.

Field of Use
Lotrex is a key component in the GliaSite radiation therapy system, an approved balloon catheter used in brachytherapy treatment of brain cancer.

IPSCIO Record ID: 264174

License Grant
The Company has agreed to revised terms regarding the license fee and to increase the royalty fee on net sales as regards to the use of its patented RadioGelâ„¢ technology from a private nonprofit applied science and technology development company.
License Property
RadioGelâ„¢ is an injectable particle-gel, for brachytherapy radiation treatment of cancerous tumors in people and animals.

RadioGelâ„¢ is a brachytherapy device comprising highly insoluble Yttrium-90 particles delivered by needle injection using a water-polymer composite for high-dose treatment of non-resectable solid tumors that cannot be treated effectively by any other means. It is designed for maximum safety to deliver a high, pure-beta radiation dose to target (tumor) tissue, with comparatively small-to-negligible radiation doses to adjacent normal tissues, and with negligible radiation dose to any major organ or tissue in the body.

RadioGel™ is comprised of a hydrogel, or a substance that is liquid at room temperature and then gels when reaching body temperature after injection into a tumor. In the gel are small, one micron, yttrium-90 phosphate particles (“Y-90”). Once injected, these inert particles are locked in place inside the tumor by the gel, delivering a very high local radiation dose. The radiation is beta, consisting of high-speed electrons. These electrons only travel a short distance so the device can deliver high radiation to the tumor with minimal dose to the surrounding tissue. Optimally, patients can go home immediately following treatment without the risk of radiation exposure to family members. Since Y-90 has a half-life of 2.7 days, the radioactively drops to 5% of its original value after ten days.

Field of Use
This agreement pertains to the medical industry relating to a radiation oncology medical device for the development of the yttrium-90 based brachytherapy device RadioGelâ„¢ for the treatment of non-resectable tumors.

IPSCIO Record ID: 253950

License Grant
Licensor, an university technology transfer organization, grants a first right of refusal to additional fields not included in the Licensed Field.
License Property
The current patent list includes and refers to Methods and Apparatus for Radiation Therapy, and, Radiation Therapy System with Constrained Rotational Freedom and Radiation Therapy System, and others.


Therapy Unit shall mean any item or unit capable on its own of producing radiation for the purposes of diagnostics, imaging, or therapy and that employs or is produced by the practice of an invention claimed in the Licensed Patents or would otherwise constitute infringement of any claims of the Licensed Patents.

Field of Use
The amendment clarifies that the Licensed Field explicitly excludes medical applications using Ions.

Licensee developed, market and sell advanced and versatile radiation therapy system for the treatment of a wide variety of cancers.

IPSCIO Record ID: 3837

License Grant
The Company is negotiating, the success of which cannot be assured, for an exclusive worldwide license to manufacture, use and sell equipment in the areas of neutron and ion beam radioisotope production and gadolinium neutron capture therapy under two U.S. patents and related technical know-how.
License Property
The two patents relate to a pulsed plasma apparatus for the production of plasma-generated neutrons. Under one configuration, the pulsed plasma device is designed to produce short-lived high-intensity positron-emitting radioisotopes, including carbon-11 with a 20-minute half-life, oxygen-15 with a 122-second half-life, and nitrogen-13 with a 10-minute half-life, that are used extensively in PET cameras for the diagnosis of brain, heart and lung functions.

Under a different configuration, the device is designed as an external beam radiation treatment unit to produce thermal neutrons that are essential for gadolinium neutron capture therapy (GNCT), a type of external beam radiation therapy used to treat certain tumorous cancers located in or near critical organs. Under GNCT, the element gadolinium is transported to a patient’s cancerous tumor and irradiated with an external beam of thermal neutrons which destroys the tumor without damage to external healthy tissue.

Field of Use
The rights granted apply to the medical industry.

IPSCIO Record ID: 365586

License Grant
Licensee of Israel acquired certain intellectual property for research and development activities relating to the alpha radiation products from the University.
License Property
Alpha radiation products consist of but not limited to the Alpha DaRT technology that is designed to utilize the specific therapeutic properties of alpha particles while aiming to overcome, and even harness for potential benefit, the traditional shortcomings of alpha radiation’s limited range. The Alpha DaRT source is directly inserted into the tumor and is designed to release radiation with a high-linear energy transfer over a range of a few millimeters, potentially sparing the surrounding healthy tissue. It was evaluated that the feasibility, safety and efficacy of the Alpha DaRT technology in a first-in-human study of locally advanced and recurrent squamous cell carcinoma, or SCC, cancers of the skin and head and neck.
Field of Use
Field of use is for treatment of Cancer utilizing radiation therapy.

IPSCIO Record ID: 7761

License Grant
The University hereby grants to Licensee an exclusive License, limited to the Licensed Field and the Licensed territory, under the Licensed Patents to make, use and sell Licensed Products and/or Licensed Processes. Licensee may grant written, nonexclusive Sublicenses to third parties.
License Property
The Technology involves a combination of MRI and radiation therapy technologies, MRI-guided radiation therapy.
Field of Use
The Licensee is a medical device company, developing advanced radiation therapy solutions for the treatment of cancer.

IPSCIO Record ID: 1097

License Grant
Licensee entered into an exclusive license with the University Research Foundation covering certain patented processes which may be used in the manufacture and distribution of a brachytherapy device to be used in the treatment of breast cancer.  The license also allows licensee to sublicense the covered processes for additional fees.
License Property
The ClearPath device is placed through a single incision and is designed to conform to the resection cavity, allowing for more conformal therapeutic radiation dose distribution following lumpectomy compared to other methods of APBI. ClearPath is designed to accommodate either high-dose, ClearPath-HDR, or low-dose rate, ClearPath-CR, treatment methods. Brachytherapy, or internal radiation therapy, makes use of radioactive sources or seeds and has emerged as one of the most common treatments of prostate cancer.
Field of Use
The rights granted apply to the medical industry relating to cancer treatments.

IPSCIO Record ID: 299258

License Grant
This agreement is to compromise, resolve and settle all asserted and unasserted claims relating to the allegations, and license technology.

Licensor grants an irrevocable, non-exclusive, worldwide right and license under the Licensed Patents only within the Technology Field to undertake Product Related Activities for Licensed Products and develop, make, have made, market, use, authorize others to use, import, distribute, sell, have sold and offer to sell Licensed Products, for the life of the Licensed Patents.

License Property
The patents are for Urethral inserted applicator for prostate hyperthermia and therapeutic prostatic thermotherapy.

Licensed Products shall mean Licensees Current Products and Reasonable Modifications thereof developed, manufactured, used, marketed, offered for sale, sold, imported, licensed or distributed by or on behalf of a Licensee Party or a permitted successor or assign under this Agreement, directly or through their respective manufacturers, distributors, contractors, resellers, and other intermediaries.

Current Products of a Party shall mean products and components thereof commercially available from that Party or its Affiliates at or before the Effective Date in the Technology Field, which for Licensee is the Prolieve Thermodilation System and for Licensor is the TherMatrx System.

Prolieve Thermodilation System offers a unique “Thermodilatation” treatment for symptoms of enlarged prostate, also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Prolieve® is a combination therapy simultaneously using Focused Microwave Heating together with Pressurized Balloon Dilatation therapy.

Field of Use
Licensee is, in part, in the business of developing, making, marketing and selling products, therapies and technologies that use heat generated by microwave energy to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia, including a product currently sold under the brand Prolieve Thermodilation System®.

Technology Field shall mean the field of microwave therapy for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostatitis.

IPSCIO Record ID: 27532

License Grant
The parties desire to amend the Agreement in order to modify their arrangements with respect to the development of the X-Ray Systems.
License Property
X-Ray Systems is based on Photoelectron's patented technology. The new system will include an integrated disposable x-ray tube and catheter and a delivery and control device to deliver intravascular radiation therapy.

Licensor is leveraging its core expertise in miniature x-ray technology into distinct markets including cancer treatment, intravascular care, industrial x-ray, and radiation dosimetry products.

The Parties will co-develop and co-manufacture a disposable miniature x-ray source, based on the X-SEED and associated technology, for the delivery of intravascular radiation therapy to prevent restenosis (re-narrowing) of coronary arteries following angioplasty and stent procedures.  The new system will include an integrated disposable x-ray tube and catheter and a delivery and control device to deliver intravascular radiation therapy. Both companies will manufacture components for the system, which will be co-labeled.

Pursuant to this agreement, each party will have the licensed rights to use the X-Ray System or components.  The parties have agreed to develop certain X-Ray Systems which incorporate and combine Catheter Body Subassemblies and Delivery Devices developed and manufactured by Licensee with X-Ray Tubes and Control Devices developed and manufactured by Licensor.

X-Seed is a prototype of a new system for delivering x-rays from inside blood vessels following an operation for clogged arteries.

Based on a concept of the Licensor's patented and patent-pending technology, the x-ray source uses a combination of lasers, fiber optics and high voltages to produce x-rays. The X-Seed miniature x-ray system is completely self-contained, and its key components are less than one millimeter in diameter. X-Seed is designed to be placed at the end of a fine, flexible catheter, which will then be inserted inside blood vessels to deliver a dose of radiation to the interior surface.

Field of Use
The Field shall mean the field of Intravascular Radiotherapy.

Intravascular Radiotherapy is a radiation therapy system that helps prevent the repeated narrowing of coronary arteries that have already undergone the procedure of stenting.

IPSCIO Record ID: 1054

License Grant
Licensor hereby grants an exclusive, non-transferable, sublicensable right and license, solely in the Licensed Territory and the Licensed Field of Use, (i) under the Patent Rights and the Licensee Patent Rights improvements to make, have made, sell, lease, offer for sale, and import the Licensed Products, and (ii) to use the Licensor Information solely in connection with the Licensed Products.
License Property
Patent Rights PCT/US04/019337 Microparticles for Micro-arterial Imaging and Radiotherapy.

Its intended use is as a means of micro-arterial brachytherapy in the treatment of soft tissue cancer tumors in the liver. Soft tissue tumors are connected to the blood supply and this kind of therapy is administered through the blood supply system. Soft tissue tumors are among the most difficult forms of cancer to treat.

Field of Use
Licensed Field of Use shall mean the human healthcare field.

IPSCIO Record ID: 25899

License Grant
The Licensee has exercised an option to exclusively License a pending patent entitled, 'Method to Inhibit Proliferation and Growth of Metastases' from a University.
License Property
The resulting devices would inhibit tumor growth by reducing the presence of circulating growth factors without interfering with surgical wound healing or the recovery of tissue injured by radiation therapy. There is a significant unmet clinical need, as other drug agents may not be indicated for use in conjunction with surgical procedures or radiation treatment as they inhibit wound healing and tissue recovery.
Field of Use
The License provides a rapid development strategy for new cancer therapies by uniting drug agents that inhibit the spread of cancer-related metastases, with filtration techniques already proven in the Licensee's Hemopurifier(R).

The rights granted apply to the healthcare industry relating to reducing the presence of infectious viruses from human blood.

IPSCIO Record ID: 263276

License Grant
The Licensor, the university foundation, granted the Licensee a worldwide exclusive license to certain patents  to be used in the MRIdian which is used for radiation therapy and simultaneous magnetic resonance imaging.
License Property
The MRIdian combines MRI and external-beam radiation therapy to simultaneously image and treat cancer patients.
Field of Use
The Licensee has an objective of providing clinicians new and innovative ways to deliver radiation therapy.
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