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Created On: 2020-07-15
Record Count: 3

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IPSCIO Record ID: 131813

License Grant
The Company entered into contracts for the right to sell and distribute selected portions of sheet music catalogs, music products and CD-ROMs.
License Property
The sheet music catalogs, music products and CD-ROMs are works of Scott Joplin and Handels Messiah.

The digital and printed sheet music are offered over the Internet and either downloaded directly from the companys web site or ordered from the companys web site and delivered via regular mail or overnight courier.

Field of Use
This agreement pertains to the entertainment industry relating to music.

IPSCIO Record ID: 287491

License Grant
Licensor will initially partner with Licensee to provide Performing Rights Organization (PRO) data to Licensees Soundstr MRT (music recognition technology) platform through its extensive Songdex database, and will eventually work with Licensee to integrate automated direct licensing capability and royalty payment and distribution into the Soundstr platform.
License Property
Licensor provide Performing Rights Organization (PRO) data to VNUE’s Soundstr MRT (music recognition technology) platform through its extensive Songdex database.
Field of Use
Soundstrâ„¢ – The technology which is a comprehensive music identification and rights management Cloud platform that, when fully deployed, can accurately track and audit public performances of music, creating a more transparent ecosystem for general music licensing and associated royalty payments, and will help to ensure the correct stakeholders are paid through the use of the “big data” collection.  

The Licensee offers a suite of products and services that monetize and monitor music for artists, labels, performing rights organizations, publishers, writers, radio stations, venues, restaurants, bars, and other stakeholders in music.

IPSCIO Record ID: 919

License Grant
As reported in February, 2014, the undisclosed Provider hereby grants to Licensee for the duration of the Term and throughout the Territory the following non-exclusive rights:
The right to digitally transmit and sell the Track(s) and Metadata directly to Consumers as Downloads or to refrain from doing so. The right to advertise and publicly perform the Track(s) and Metadata. Provider hereby grants to the Licensee a gratis license under which the Licensee shall be entitled to advertise and publicly perform the Track(s) and Metadata for promotional uses including but not limited to use. The right to reproduce, print, publish, and disseminate the relevant Artist's professional name, approved biographical material and approved likenesses as well as the label names, trademarks and artwork associated with the Track(s) delivered to the Licensee hereunder only in connection with the promotion and exploitation of the Track(s) as Downloads hereunder. The right to compile the Track(s) with other recordings for use as part of a Curator Package hereunder. The right to compile the Track(s) with other recordings for use as part of a Curator Mix hereunder. The right to make Preview Samples available to potential Consumers free of charge in order to induce the purchase of the Download from which the relevant Preview Sample is taken. Non-exclusive right to promote, market, distribute and sell the Tracks as Downloads only.
License Property
Tracks: The master recordings delivered by Provider to the Licensee for resale on the Satellite Website as Downloads under this Agreement.
Field of Use
Provider shall deliver to the Licensee all master recordings Tracks to be made available for purchase by consumers as downloadable digital files.
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