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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 9

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IPSCIO Record ID: 117858

License Grant
The new company was formed by Licensor and Third Party to pursue clean water projects worldwide.  Concurrently  with forming NewCo,  the Licensor entered into a sublicense agreement with the Licensee NewCo.

Under the sublicense agreement, the Licensor granted Licensee the following
—  The exclusive worldwide sublicense of the ARP technology.   The sublicense also grants a non-exclusive use of NitRem/DSR for industrial and US government applications and a non-exclusive grant of STORS, except for Japan, for municipal applications.

—  A license to utilize technical information including any unpublished research and development information, unpatented invention, know-how, trade secrets, and technical data in the possession of the Company and a Third Party and that which may come into the  possession of the Company and the Third Party during the term of the Sublicense Agreement which relates to the ARP processes.

License Property
The Ammonia Recovery Process, or ARP technology, is for municipal and agricultural livestock  production facilities.
ARP is a patent-pending process designed to recover ammonia from dilute waste streams. The removed and concentrated ammonia can thereafter be converted to nitrogen (N2) or recovered as a salt, such as ammonium sulfate (NH2)2SO4), packaged and sold worldwide as a commercial grade fertilizer. ARP's primary market is municipal wastewater treatment and treating wastewater discharge from concentrated animal farming operations, such as for the dairy, beef, poultry or pork industry.

NitRem/DSR refers to a nitrogen removal process.
NitRem is a hydrothermal process, similar in operation to the STORS technology, that converts the nitrogenous compounds present in most industrial discharge streams, such as nitrate, nitrites, amines and ammonia, into nitrogen gas (N2). Nitrogen gas is a benign compound displacing 80% of the earth's air supply. The NitRem technology has application in such industries as chemical processing, petroleum refining, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, food processing, pulp and paper manufacturing, as well as various heavy manufacturing industries. The NitRem technology can also be combined with the STORS technology to process and treat municipal sewage sludge.

STORS is a Sludge-To-Oil Reactor System.
STORS is a thermochemical process that can convert any biomass, on site, into a burnable fuel oil similar to No. 4 diesel fuel. Management believes that the conversion of biomass (sludge) produced by municipal wastewater treatment facilities world wide represents the single largest market for the STORS technology.

Field of Use
The new company will combine the Parties state-of-the-art clean water technologies with engineering  expertise and global presence to pursue industrial and municipal water/wastewater projects around the world.

IPSCIO Record ID: 27256

License Grant
The Company, a nonprofit applied science and technology development company, hereby grants to LICENSEE, to the extent of the LICENSED FIELD and in each of the LICENSED TERRITORIES 1, 2, 3 and 4, an exclusive license to practice and have practiced the INVENTIONS under the PATENTS relating to recovery of ammonia from fluid waste streams.
License Property
INVENTIONS means patented and unpatented the Company proprietary technology related to apparatus and process for the recovery of ammonia from fluid waste streams. Ammonia  Recovery Process ('ARP') is a patent-pending process designed to recover ammonia from dilute waste streams. The removed and concentrated ammonia can thereafter be converted to nitrogen (N2) or recovered as a salt, such as ammonium sulfate (NH2)2SO4), packaged and sold worldwide as a commercial grade fertilizer. ARP's primary market is municipal wastewater treatment and treating wastewater discharge from concentrated animal farming operations, such as for the dairy, beef, poultry or pork industry.
Field of Use
LICENSED FIELD means, and is limited to, the practice of the INVENTIONS as applied to waste streams from municipal waste water treatment facilities and the practice of the INVENTIONS  applied to waste streams in commercial  agricultural livestock production facilities.

      Title                 Country          Serial No.        Date Filed

Apparatus and Method for         United States    60/042,175       31 March 1997
Ammonia Recovery (21988-1)

Ammonia Recovery by Formation,   60/060,079  25 September 1997
Recovery, and Decomposition of
Ammonium Zinc Sulfate Hexahydrate
Crystals (21988-2)

IPSCIO Record ID: 2962

License Grant
The Chinese Licensee successfully developed a new sludge treatment system through cooperation with a Chinese University.  The new sludge treatment system can be used to treat sludge generated by the municipal wastewater treatment process, industrial sludge generated by the chemical industry and oil sludge generated by oil industry.
License Property
The University has made a patent application for this technology in China (Application number 200710011115.0).

IPSCIO Record ID: 727

License Grant
Inventor, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer,  hereby grants to Licensee, to the extent of the Licensed Fields and the Licensed Territory, an exclusive license to make, have made, use and sell the Licensed Products.
Licensee shall have the right to grant site-specific sublicenses for operation of the Licensed Products subject to the written approval of Inventor. The Patent license shall end upon the expiration of the last to expire of the Patents included herein.  There shall be no License Fee due hereunder.
License Property
Inventor has certain rights in patents and patent applications related to Enhanced Biogas Production with Ammonia Recovery and Sewage Treatment System.

Enhanced Biogas Production from the United States Patent 6,391,203    May 21, 2002 Nitrogen Bearing Feed Stocks

Field of Use
Licensed Field means the industrial, municipal an agricultural applications of the Patents.

IPSCIO Record ID: 164183

License Grant
Licensee has obtained from Licensor the exclusive rights to five U.S. patents relating to the Synox Process.

The License Agreement grants to Licensee exclusive rights to license the Licensee Process in the following territory comprising the states of Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, California, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and the District of Columbia.

License Property
Technology relates to a process for the treatment of municipal wastewater biosolids (the 'Synox Process(R)'), and other related processes for producing and managing usable end products from wastewater biosolids.

The six U.S. patents relating to the Licensee Process

4,487,699   Sewage Biosolids Treatment Sewage Biosolids Treatment
4,582,612   Improved Sewage Biosolids Treatment Apparatus
4,659,464   Apparatus for Dispersing Biosolids With Gas Impingement
4,695,388   Apparatus and Process for Rapid Sewage Biosolids Separation
4,936,983   Sewage Biosolids Treatment with Gas Injection
5,147,563   Improved Sewage Sludge Treatment With Gas Injection

Licensee Process installation which begins with a storage unit for thickened biosolids and ends with biosolids thickening and chemical contact.

Field of Use
This agreement pertains to the environmental industry relating to waste treatment.

IPSCIO Record ID: 5724

License Grant
Licensor hereby grants to the Licensee a Non-Exclusive (except as otherwise limited herein) license to the Invention, the Patent Rights (including any Foreign Patent Rights), now held or hereafter acquired, to develop, invent, make or have made, use, promote, distribute, sell and sub-license the Invention, and to use and sub-license the Invention, the Patent Rights and the technology and inventions inherent therein for Licensee Applications involving the Licensee Wastes and By-Products set forth above within the Territory defined below; provided, however, that Licensee may only sublicense the Invention and Patent Rights and the technology and inventions inherent therein to Licensee portfolio companies and affiliates and only for so long as they remain portfolio companies and affiliates Hereinafter the foregoing grant license, taken in conjunction with the grant in Section 2(b) below, is referred to as the License.  Licensor has invented new patented and patent-pending implementations of a vapor compression water distillate process and a new Clean Water Appliance (collectively, the Invention), with possible applications in activities relating to the Licensee Applications, as such term is hereinafter defined.
License Property
Licensee Wastes and By-Products
Hazardous Wastes. Wastes that are hazardous or otherwise harmful to human and animal health and the environment, including medical or other biologically active wastes;
Brownfield Wastes. Wastes that derive from environmentally impaired real property, including fixtures on or any appurtenances to such property;
Municipal Solid Wastes. Wastes that derive from the centralized processing, storage, disposal and/or incineration of by-products, garbage, trash or other discarded materials;
Human Waste. Wastes that derive from the centralized processing of sewage at municipal or other sewage treatment plants;
Agricultural Waste. Wastes that derive from farming activities, including the production of crops and raising livestock, and including septic wastes and other wastewaters deriving from livestock and meat processing;
Food Service Waste. Wastes that derive from the preparation of food and other related activity at establishments that prepare and/or serve food;
Mining Wastes. Wastes that are or derive from mining activity, mining tailings and/or acid mine drainage.
Field of Use
The rights granted apply to wastes and by-products.

IPSCIO Record ID: 120901

License Grant
The Company entered into a license agreement to received the exclusive worldwide license, subject to a government use license, to use and develop the technology related to the separation of the radionuclides technetium and rhenium from mixed wastes containing radioactive materials.  The Company also received under the License  Agreement the right to exploit the technology for other commercial applications.
License Property
The separation technology and recovery system is known as SLiM(TM)  (supported liquid membrane).  Based on its continuing research and development  program, the Company believes that SLiM can separate and recover solubilized metals, radionuclides, biochemicals and other targeted elements from aqueous and possibly gaseous  waste streams in degrees of concentration and purity which  permit both the reuse of such elements and the ability for the waste water or gas to be disposed of as non-toxic effluent with little or no further treatment.  SLiM utilizes a process whereby a contaminated aqueous or gaseous feedstream is introduced into a fibrous membrane unit or module containing a proprietary chemical solution, the composition of which is customized depending on the types and concentrations of compounds in the feedstream. As the feedstream enters the membrane, the targeted substance reacts with SLiMs proprietary chemical solution and is extracted through the membrane into a strip solution where it is then stored.  The remaining feedstream is either recycled or discharged free of the  extractant(s). In some instances, additional treatment may be required prior to discharge.
Field of Use
This license pertains to the environmental industry in connection with the removal of chromium in water leaching from waste sites.

IPSCIO Record ID: 215768

License Grant
This agreement allows Licensor to keep the one unit delivered in 2014 and another unit also on site.   Licensor also forfeits all rights to operate the CoronoLux technology anywhere in the U.S. territories, but is granted an exclusive right to operate the systems in the limited and sole territory of Haiti for a period of 10 years.
License Property
The technology, CoronaLuxâ„¢, is designed and intended for the “clean” destruction of hazardous chemical and biological waste (i.e., hospital “red bag” waste) thereby eliminating the need for costly segregation, transportation, incineration or landfill.  The waste destruction technology is developed using a pyrolytic heating process combined with “non-thermal plasma” assisted oxidation. This technique involves gasification of solid waste by heating the waste in a low-oxygen environment, followed by complete oxidation at higher temperatures in the presence of plasma. The term “non-thermal plasma” refers to a low energy ionized gas that is generated by electrical discharges between two electrodes.

This process involves gasification of the solid waste and then a cold plasma oxidation process that makes possible the destruction of hazardous chemical and biological waste via a low temperature and low oxygen pyrolytic process. The patent application is currently under review by the US Patent Office.

Licensor is a provider of next-generation clean-technologies, waste management innovations and related services.  The Licensor provide technology solutions and services to companies primarily in the oil and gas, refining, landfill, food, beverage & agriculture and renewable fuel industries.

Field of Use
This agreement pertains to the environment industry relating to waste treatment.

IPSCIO Record ID: 160148

License Grant
The Licensor hereby grants to the Canadian Licensee, for approved sites within the Grant Territory only, as provided for by provision 2.02 hereof, the exclusive right, license and privilege, subject to provision 5.07 hereof, to use and market the Technology and Process to remediate, recover and/or treat liquid streams of wastes containing metals.
License Property
The technology is a patent-pending process to separate, recover and reclaim metals from liquids by the addition of certain reagents.
Field of Use
This agreement pertains to environmental remediation.
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