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Royalty Rate Industry Summary 2016 Price: $150

The 2016 Royalty Rate Industry Summary is an annual analysis of royalty rates from the IPSCIO RoyaltySource® database. It provides benchmarks for licensing rates covering 15 industries from over 30 years of data.

Royalty Rate Industry Summary 2015 Price: $150

Welcome to the second issue of the reformatted and quarterly Licensing Economics Review. This issue includes the 2015 Royalty Rate Annual Industry Summary. Our curators added 623 license deals to the calculations and we provide updated average rates by industry. We include quartile measures too.

Royalty Rate Industry Summary 2014 Price: $150

This issue is a digital facsimile of the Archived Dec 2014 issue of the Licensing Economics Review. It includes the 2014 Industry Royalty Rate Data Summary.