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Patented inventions are a sign of innovation.  A growth pathway from innovation and invention is patent licensing.  We have patent licensing agreements to help guide value creation and growth.

We have technology licensing agreements.  Trademark, technology, copyright, right of publicity and patent licensing agreements are also available.  Licensing agreements across all industries are collected from public documents filed with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission over the last 20 years.

The Pre-Built Royalty Rate Reports return transaction information such as:

  • A summary of the property licensed or purchased
  • Compensation details, including royalty rates or lump-sum payments
  • Names of the parties to the agreements
  • Deal structure
  • Full text agreements

You can find relevant license agreements to uncover common deal structures within a given industry and similar patent agreements.  A comparative analysis of these license agreements will also highlight unique terms needed to consider.  Each patent license agreement will also provide the link to the public source document where you can view the original summary or document outlining the transaction.

Search our pre-built reports to uncover relevant patent license agreements that you can purchase and download now.