Migration Notes (10/07/2019)

Dear Legacy IPSCIO User,

You have arrived at our updated website that will offer a unique new suite of informational datasets. You will still have access to the RoyaltySource® royalty rates database, but now with an easy to use and powerful semantic search engine that focuses not only keywords, but the intent and contextual meaning of the words.

As a result of our update on October 20, 2019, we have moved your account to the temporary URL address old.ipscio.com until November 30, 2019.  Use your login credentials to access your legacy account to view limited information.  If you need help gaining access to past information, please email us at help.ipscio.com.

Thank you for accessing the RoyaltySource® royalty rates data using our legacy IPSCIO search engine since 2017.  We look forward to delivering even better service and more options to advance your research.

Dave Weiler
+ 856.234.3206