Migration Notes (2017/10/13):

Dear IPSCIO users,

Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed the online messages in preparation for our services update. The changes were implemented today, allowing our customers to access the bulk of RoyaltySource® database online through our new and improved search engine, while facilitating the access to RoyaltySource’s research specialists who have completed more than 50,000 successful royalty rate research projects.

There are many new features coming soon, including one that we are particularly excited about. When using the new search application to fulfill a RoyaltySource® research project, you’ll soon be able to download a “search report” with details about the search logic utilized when creating your list of “comparables”. A “must-have” tool when you need to explain how your list of comparables was developed.

The change also affected IPSCIO pricing model. You can find details about the new pricing model here: https://ipscio.com/pricing/ . The main change affecting you might be the following: users and visitors will not be able to access IPSCIO RoyaltySource®’s search engine prior to purchasing access. However, we kept the access fee as low as we possibly could. This was a necessary step to be in compliance with our database partner.

Please do not worry about your information saved at the old IPSCIO website; Some of your account details have been safely migrated to the new website, including username and password. IMPORTANT: We left all of your information unchanged and archived at legacy.ipscio.com. If you have any saved downloads, collections, or royalty rate records, you will have continued access for 6 months following today’s update. Again, these resources will be available at legacy.ipscio.com.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our team or myself directly.

Kind regards,

Gabriel Camargo
President, IPSCIO RoyaltySource®