IP = Intellectual Property, SCIO = Science (latin)

The creators and managers of the longest running royalty rate database in the market – RoyaltySource and the simple to use sophisticated search engine powered by true semantic search technology and intelligent dataset curation have combined into a new platform for information discovery and analysis.  The combined and controlled flow of information benefit the downstream need to discover and grow intangible property value.

With the assistance of our IP navigational experts you pilot the IPSCIO tools through the advancing wave of information.  Our navigational experts have over 30 years of experience in discovering and supporting value. You can CHAT or talk to us

We are passionate about value discovery. We love the mix of art and science in our industry and the responsibility of finding and supporting our conclusions with relevant market-based evidence. We are proud that industry leaders and government agencies in more than 100 countries consume our data and services. Under IPSCIO, we will do more. Join us today.