IP = Intellectual Property, SCIO = Science (latin)

IPSCIO provides a full range of data and consulting services for the IP Management industry. We are the creators and managers of the longest running royalty rate database in the market — RoyaltySource. Now, as IPSCIO, we are evolving to include more databases in our services, using the same rigorous approach that got us here.

The science behind our data — and our name — is at the essence of our product lines. From our proprietary data curation systems to our statistical modeling of unstructured data, IPSCIO engines encapsulate what is the most advanced in Natural Language Processing, offering IP managers the most reliable access to data that is truly relevant to them.

The best technology, however, has no value without enough experience behind it. Our team has over 30 years of experience in this industry, carrying in-depth knowledge of several IP-related consulting areas. Since 1997, when we first launched the RoyaltySource service, they completed the unprecedented volume of more than 50,000 manual searches successfully delivered. They are not only here to help you through our traditional Concierge search request service, but they are the genuine power behind our online search engine, tweaking on a daily basis standard search logic to better fulfill IP-related needs.

More importantly, we are passionate about intellectual property. We love the mix of art and science in our industry and the implied responsibility of conducting accurate methodologies. We are proud that industry leaders and government agencies in more than 100 countries consume our data and services. Under IPSCIO, we will do more. Join us today.