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IPSCIO Pre-Built Royalty Reports

By July 23, 2020June 15th, 2021Uncategorized
View Sample Draft Report here


As pioneers in supplying market-based royalty rates, we continue to investigate leading edge technology to advance and offer quality information for everyone. Our services and datasets continue to evolve and leverage technology change. We now introduce Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) built royalty reports.

AI-Powered Intellectual Property Search Platform

We employed our patented semantic search clustering and classification platform techniques to develop quality clusters to train our AI or machine learning algorithm to assemble intellectual property (“IP”) royalty reports.

View a Sample Final Report here

The algorithm understands different words can be a part of the same target IP category. For example, word relationships such as backpack and knapsack, footwear and tennis shoes, outerwear and jacket are understood to create a report targeting apparel technology and/or trademarks. Finally, highly correlated IP licenses, patents and non-patent literature are assembled from our custom datasets and included in a pre-built IP royalty report.

Why a Pre-Built Report?

AI built IP royalty reports organize the most relevant content in a simple format to develop a quick IP asset, license and literature landscape. The current dataset collection was used to build over 1,800 technology reports. Additional reports addressing trademark, copyright, and franchise agreements are also available.

What information is detailed in the Report?

The final report provides access to full text patent information, relevant non-patent literature and IP transaction information. IP transactions are summarized in an abstract format that includes:

Free Royalty Rate Report Search here
  • A summary of the property licensed or purchased
  • Compensation details, including royalty or lump-sum payments
  • Names of the Parties to the agreement
  • Deal structure elements,and
  • Access to information sources including full text contracts

Who is IPSCIO?

As an introduction, look at where we are today and how we got here. We are pioneers in assembling and organizing IP transaction information and continue to clear a path to IP Value Discovery.

Learn more about IPSCIO here

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